Need advice to form a tiny farm for tree plantation

Hello everyone, I have invested a farm land which is of 8720 sqft (0.2 acre) in total. It is located in Palamedu panchayat town in Madurai district.
The land is already having around 40 guava trees.
I am planning to cleanup all guava trees and would like to plant possible number of teak trees for future income.
The 0.2 acre of my portion is divided from an existing 5 acres farm land. The existing farm has free agriculture electricity supply from TN govt.
The immediate advice I am looking for is, how to get electricity for my land. I know that getting free electricity won’t be possible with 0.2 acre land. Is it possible to get a paid connection for agriculture purpose?
If a paid connection is possible, I will dig a bore well and plan for tree plantation.

Please advise.

Sasikumar K

Dear Friend,
My suggestion is that you must think of Solar alternative for free energy and more lucrative cash plantation in place of long term Teak… For complete paid consultancy you may contact: or WhatsApp 9928092474.
Bajpai VN.

Let me think of solar alternative also.
Anyone from Tamil Nadu who can suggest me in getting electricity from TNEB?
The nearby electric post is 200mt away from my land, from which the other farm is consuming power.

From your mail I presume that the 0.2 acre of land that that you have purchased is carved out of the five acres which belongs to someone else. TNEB generally does not give free Electricity connection for land holdings less than 0.5 acres. If possible try to add another 0.3 acres if it is adjacent to your land. Importantly have you ensured through scientific water diving that water is available on your portion of land and what will be its yield and whether it will be sufficient to ensure continuos watering during non rainy season. Check with the nearest Forestry department of TNAU as to type of trees suitable for your land instead of straightaway deciding to plant Teak.
Isha foundation provides free consultation on tree planting and they give good quality timber saplings at subsidised prices. Check with them. They have a Nursery in Madurai. It takes at least 20 years for a good teak tree to mature . So make sure you are willing to wait that long . Else you can go for Casuarina which can be harvested in four to five years. Please do a thorough check. I can be reached on I don’t charge anything nor do I expect any favours, just trying to help you

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Thanks for your kind advice. I will contact you personally when I make some progress. However I want to know whether TNEB provide electrical connection without free tarrif. I am ok to pay monthly charges.

There is a Self Finance scheme in TNEB whereby starting from a deposit of Rs. 10000 you will be given connection on a priority basis. The regular route will take time as they give only a limited number of connections per year. On the other hand if your farm is a dry land (Punjai) then you can put up a small dwelling unit and apply for residential connection thereby circumventing the time taking route. Use the water for farming purposes. In any case you must first dig a borewell before you can apply. They will insist on it.