Need advice... Strange issue of cuts in water melon farm


We have got a strange issue of the watermelon fruits breaking off and developing cuts when they are nearing peak to be ripe. Photographs attached with the post… Can anyone help with a solution to this issue?


@RAMU sir.
Can it be due to micro nutrient deficiencies especially calcium Or poor pollination or some pest attack or the seed fault?

What is this variety and where did you buy the seeds?
Also plz share what fertilizers you gave so far and how much quantity in how much area of cultivation.

Guru Prasad


It is due to micronutrients deficiency and excess water…


There are no pest apparently in the cuts as I could make out…We are doing natural farming. We use Jeevamrut, Dash dhanyankur ark for micro nutrients and Khatti Lassi for the pest control…



Looking at the pics, i feel this could be the work of bats or even owls. I have seen these narrow slits (as seen in one pix) in mangoes. Bats cause damage to pomegranates and many fruits. There are scratch marks and somewhat big ones. If negligible number have been affected, not much to worry about; get the fruit to market quickly.Which area is your farm in?




U are facing micronutrient difficiency , specifically Boron, apply in combination of calcium rich fertilizer, ratio of 1 boron : 20 calcium. U will need this at regular interwell as this is during mid crop. Next time use boron rich source at beginning of crop .vermiwash is a excellent for such times.
Pest issue will need local solution .


Thanks for advice and guidance for making the Vermi Wash… Do we get the Indian breed of earth warms for this culture?


We are in Roha - Raigad district of Maharastra


excess water reduce water


I am not sure, first rulenof farming is to use the simplest thing available… I have heard of African worms but don’t spend too much time on such issues… Ur focus is crop not ancillaries.
Use worms from cheapest source.


I am not Sure exactly what is the problem there as I haven’t come across this, you can find some general diseases in watermelon here