Need advice on selecting new Pump set

Dear All,

This is my first post. Though I am following the forum since 1 year.

Here are few of my details.

  1. I have 15 acers of land (Red Soil)
  2. Recently drilled a bore. Got water at 120 feet. and the maximum depth of the bore is 200 Meters. got 3 inch water.

Need advice of the following.

  1. Which pump to choose (Brand)? 5 or 6 or 7.5 HP?. How many stages ?

Can some one please explain the importance of the stages while selecting the pump. is 5 HP pump with 8 stages is equal to 7.5 HP with 5 stage.

How effective is solar motor pump.

Thanks and regards

Venu Kulkarni

Dear Venu,

Each pump manufacturer will have their own pump design based on which they’ll have models in each HP.

Pump stages is nothing but the no of impellers that are required to lift the water from a particular depth. Example, a manufactuer having pump design at 10ft per stage would offer 30 stages to lift water from 300ft depth and the same manufacturer if his design is 30ft per stage would offer 10 stages to lift water from 300ft depth or if its 50ft per stage it would be 6 stages.

Selecting the pump should be based on discharge in liters, which every manufacturer will show in discharge chart/curve & also the type of irrigation method.

If your area experiences low voltage problem, do ask the dealer for LV model of the motor and insist on less no of stages model, as insufficient voltage will not be suffice for all the stages to work.

Coming to your query on Solar;

How effective?

If effective means performance,

Technically running on solar would longevate motor life as solar system would use VFD that is a slow start mechanism.A good quality solar system would start the motor as early as 7.30Am and run uptill 5.30Pm.If designed properly its a perfect alternative to grid

If effective means commercially,

Unless you face difficulty to get grid supply or have erratic connection solar would not be a viable choice.

Hope this helps!


Also,kindly visit our youtube channel to view the videos of few of our solar water pumping installations to get an idea of what or how the system would be.

Thank you Sravan, for your reply.

Can you please suggest any reliable brand. I want the water to be used for all the 10 acers. I am applying for Drip irrigation.

Hence I want a motor which is power full enough which will supply water to all the 10 acers through drip.

In my area we get 6 hours of power supply.

Thank you

Venu KUlkarni.

Dear Venu,

Since you are in Andhra Pradesh, you can buy Kumar Pumps or Aryen or Texmo or CRI or Mahendra Pumps or Kirloskar. Irrespective of the brand ensure its BEEE star rated, as these rated pumps would have better life and efficiency.

For your requirement what I recommend is;

A)Finalize the drip system and vendor
B)Ask your drip vendor for pressure head required by motor
C)Add this head to the motor head, this will be the total head
D)Select which capacity of motor that offers acceptable discharge at the above calculated head


Thank you Sravana Kumar,

Your suggestion were very helpful.