Need advice on manure/fertilizer mix for weak melia dubia trees

One of the plots in the farm has exhibited stunted/slower growth than rest of the trees. I know the soil is not the most fertile, so I got tested for the major nutrients. Here are the results with acceptable or preferred range in the brackets.

Nitrogen kg/ha - 207 (> 450 is considered high, result low )
Phosphorpus kg/ha - 50 (> 22 is considered high. result high)
Potash kg/ha 224 (> 280 is considered high, result medium )

Organic carbon % .18 (>.75 is considered high, result low)

Fe ppm 4.98 (>3.7 is considered sufficient, result sufficient)
Mn ppm 11.59( > 11 is considered sufficient, result sufficicent)
Zn ppm .42 (>1.2 is considered sufficient, result deficient )
Cu ppm .54 (>2 is considered sufficient, result deficient)

Based on the above results, what would you suggest to do, how much and how frequently. Pls note, so far we have not given any fertigation to any of the plots of melia dubia.

You can have any legume crop to increase nitrogen in the soil to balance the nutrients, the said legume crop can be at your choice.
You can have velvet beans in worst case scenario.

Since you are missing Nitrogen and other essential micro nutrients, may want to try jeevamrutha or panchagaya. Both are known as growth promoters. They also help to increase the soil the microbes which in turn will result in increase of the micro nutrients that the soil is lacking presently. I had seen couple of videos on youtube where farmers are feeding these solutions thru drip (ofcourse after some filtration).

As Swamy suggested grow cover crops like velvett beans. We grow this really extensively in the rubber plantation in our native. This is very effective in fixing nitrogen as well as to help retain moisture and control weeds.


Are pH and EC looking okay?

Thakns for the reply. Where can I get velvet beans seed from ? How is it planted ?

Yes, they are ok…