Need Advice on decoration of the farm - avenue trees

I need advice on what type of trees i should plant on boundary of my garden and what should i plant for decoration in my farms.

Kindly suggest suggestion keeping in mind the climatic condition of Rajasthan.

You need to provide complete profile of your land along with surrounding areas for getting appropriate advice, with two line information it may not be possible to understand your land details. Add directions in the attached photo along with any building is already built or planning to build.

Here i am adding the updated map of my garden hope dis will help in suggesting.

No one is there to help me  ???

I thought this forum will help me but my bad luck…

So i request admin to kindly delete dis thread if no reply comes in 2-3 days …


Dont loose heart. From my side, if you have a long life,  ;D go with teak on the border. During your retirement days this may help. May be mix it with some sandal ones.  :astonished:  :astonished: Also apply for a rifle licence now itself.  ;D  ;D

For quicker returns, people go with silver oak or causurina or melia dubia… Mind you this is all for timber purpose. Means one day you will sell it to butchers who will  mercilessly chop it down.

If you love the trees, then any tree should do. More of the ones that are put on road avenues. The one which blooms once in a year with “canary yellow” flowers is a delight to eyes any idea what is the name for this one. Even the gulmohar or the may flower ones should do. This is for pure decoration . Even the ashoka trees are also good to look at.

But for practical purpose, please go with Coconut trees. You will never go wrong with this tree, with some regular income yearly.



Dear Apoorva,
Read the below line carefully,
You need to provide complete profile of your land along with surrounding areas for getting appropriate advice,
Asked you to provide information of surrounding areas, but you have not given the clarification for that.
Without you doing something, how can you expect anything from others?
Your presentation should be in such a way, any one can understand and do the needful to help you.

“Completed job work” makes things simple.

You know what is around your land and area, you should also know the agriculture market trend around your land.
If you know the above, then planning and selecting crops is very easy.
Please try to go and meet any farmer who is growing the crops which you like to have in your land.
More over you know how many agricultural regions are there in Rajastan? Where your land is situated in Rajastan?
Without you giving exact information how any one can give Idea for entire Rajastan?