Need advice: groundwater sufficiency


I found a piece of land and the nearby farms have a few bore wells running, some cultivating paddy. I am told groundwater is found at a depth of 200 feet in the area and the output is 2-2.5 inches. The success rate is said to be 7 of 10 bores. The location has a rainfall of approx. 700 mm per year and is somewhat dry. There are no rivers or streams in the area.

Would this land be suitable for horticulture? Appreciate opinions.


200 feet depth is not too bad but do the wells dry up in summer? Are the farms cultivating paddy mostly dependent on monsoons or do they get a second or third crop too?
You may have to do extensive mulching, sink pits and maybe a reservoir for rainwater harvesting. Once your organic matter content is built up the moisture holding capacity of your soil will be greatly increased.The mulching will increase absorption of rainwater into your soil ,prevent soil erosion and decrease evaporation which in turn will reduce your irrigation requirement.The ground water will be charged by the pits and reservoir.
So with a bit of initial work there is no reason why it should not be suitable for horticulture.

Thanks yaj. The area is fully dependent on groundwater.

I actually went for a survey in the area again, talking to farmers in the area and checking out the bores in the surroundings. The bores hit water at about 60 feet but people go to around 200 feet. While there is variation in the output based on the season, most of the bores are still running now (the peak of summer), so it looks a positive sign.

Coming to your other point, I am interested in some basic water harvesting and ground water improvement too. That would be another area of research on how best to accomplish without spending a packet on shaping the land.

But yes, the first success would be to lay hands on the land.

This land mainly suitable for fruit crop or timber value crop, bcz you have to choose less water loving tree like amla,naval,mango or moringa or timber value tree like kumil or mallai vembu,red sandal, go for drip irrigation,adapt mulching technology,high density planting(to aviod wind, soil erosion)i f go for vegetable ,use micro sprinkler system to minimized your water utilization to create rain water harvest bond,(agri engg dept 60 ft birth x200ft lengh ) with free of cost, use regularly organic manure like fym,neem cake,bone meal,go for 50% organic method practice,ps mension how acre of land use for treecrop or veg or timber,this is mainly calculate water regirement for ur land and also choose the cropping pattern.

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Dear Chandra,
You have not mentioned about marketing opportunities for your products.
However you can go with plantation crops in multi crop system based on heavy demand in that locality.
Do you need more? Than get back to me.
Regards. SWAMY

Hi Swamy, there is no issue of marketing here.
Water is key and I am looking to understand if crops can be grown depending on rain water and water harvesting alone, in a dry area.


Dear Chandra,
If you wanted to grow crops with the help of rain water. Than be ready with seedlings in may to sow.
Will you go through Natural farming? If yes than You may having India Indigenous Cow.
NF is best suited for rain water cultivation. Even if other land owners may allow you to get water
from their land, utilize that water too to recharge/store your land and allow to seep at your land.
Plan for multi crops starting 100 t0 120 day crop, yearly crop and permanent corp etc.

you can use simple ponds to do rainwater recharge to the natural aquifier, see link below

it should be, horticulture does not necessarily mean you need abundant water supply case in point dry-land agriculture, you can still go with lot of crops that do not have a major water requirement. it is very unlikely that you will suffer a major setback if you are planning the crop cycles right e.g. very less likely-hood of a situation where there is no single drop of water from any of your bores. if something like this does happen then you are looking at a drought situation in your area or some major extreme action that has drained the natural aquifer

If water is avilable any Type of Land except (Choudu Bhumi).
If you want to Dig Borewell, pl. get Ground Water Survey by a Geologist before Drilling.
One My Friend is there in Hyderabad by name Srihari Rao whose
Contact Number is .9490311740.

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