Need Advice from experts

Hi All,

  I have a land with White soil and minimum water facility and with temp of 30 to 40c.
I have not yet went for soil test. Once it is done i will update you the same.

Could you please suggest me the best crop to grow in above mentioned land. i will really help me to plan. thanks

New farmer

From your message it is understood that your soil is alkali in character with alarming PH . This is also further confirmed with poor rainfall and high temperature that brings all the salt from underneath and deposit it over the surface.

If your soil test report concur with above understanding , the most suitable option is to grow high salt tolerant plants .Among the salt tolerant crops the most promising one is Gooseberry that comes up well in such a poor soil as yours .

The gooseberry is having huge demand in Ayurvedic and siddha medicine  ,Pickle industry and Health drink manufacturing industries

So, you have bought these from yourself?!!  :wink: