Need advice for red lady - organic methods only

Planted around 1500 red lady plants a week back. Didn’t used any chemicals and not planning to, some of the plants are turning yellow and have some white spots in leaves. Could you please advise if I need to take any steps or us it normal?

While i do not profess to know the solution to he problem and this is one of the right places to ask for it, Wondering if you have tried any of the other plant care apps which are now available where you can take a pic of the app and send that over for analysis?

Hard to be certain based on the pics, but does not seem to be alarming.

I am curious if the plants turning yellowish have extra moisture in the soil around them? As you may know, papaya is very sensitive to extra moisture.

Also, did you happen to check the pH and EC? Does the soil show white patches?

Sankar - where is your farm?

Near Kalpakkam in Chennai. In Pavunjur village

Papaya are heavy feeders. They need heavy nutrition. If you can manage to give them organically its not an issue . But as per per the picture there seem to be problem with micro nutrients. Once they don’t have proper nutrients pests come and attack the plants.

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The crop shows a major nutritional deficiency. Esp Nitrogen.

Not sure where you are on this, but pl private msg me causmicdance at gmail dot com.