NCOF Waste Decomposer

Looking at NCOF director’s videos (youtube - you can just try the key word ‘NCOF Waste decomposer’), the ‘Waste decomposer’ addresses all the nutrient, fungal/bacterial, and pest issues for any crop. The product is from Government body and the results have been tested and proven. Given it’s a government product, the product is just 20 rupees and the farmers can redevelop for rest of the life for free. Wish it could have been given a better name than ‘waste decomposer’.

Good to know first hand experiences if any one in the community used one so far. unfortunately it’s not readily available everywhere. NCOF accepts money order and delivers after a month. Am yet to buy one!

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I wish there was a magical solution that addresses nutrient, pest and disease problems in crops, but it sounds too good to be true.

It is interesting that in none of the ncof literature, there is a mention of the active ingredient. On persisting in some of the whatsapp groups where there is lot of marketing of the product by the supposed scientists, I came to know it has Trichoderma viride, which is something most organic farmers use anyway.

There is no research that I could find that says Trichoderma is effective against insects but the claims seem to say it cures all.

I have a bottle or two that I procured, yet to try.

Hi Chandra, agree on not having the detail on active ingredient (did spent few hours looking for it!). In one of the videos that director said it is extracted from desi cow dung and am not sure if it is Trichoderma viride. my father met one young educated farmer yesterday near our place and it seems working very well with his paddy. we sourced some of his culture and will test it next week. thx

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Read somewhere today that Palekar is completely against wdc, not sure how genuine the message was.

Can you check with the farmer on his real experience? What does he mean by it working?

I think the info will be useful to all of us.

Spoke to the guy:

He has two crops 1. Paddy 2. Curry leaves

His borewell water is very saline and hard (his water testing resulted in 10 times harder compared to normal drinking water) and the soil is ‘savudu’ in telugu (hard grey white land). Before using waste decomposer, the plant growth was not promising because of the above two qualities (land and water). He has been using waste decomposer for the last 1.5 years and he noticed significant difference in the soil structure and growth of the plants (especially curry leaves). His practice is 100% natural to soil applications (cow manure, waste decomposer, and PSB) and sparing usage of chemical sprays for curry leaves. From his experience, 70% of the pests can also be controlled with Waste decomposer and once in a while he uses karanji (kanuga) mixed with cow urine sprays. his comments on the active ingredient were " they are working on the patents".

Paddy - 100% organic i.e all he uses is only cow manure, PSB, and Waste decomposer. He is very satisfied with the yield and quality and will be continuing this method.

Curry leaves - given the marketable commodity is the leaves, he still uses chemical sprays sparingly to not to take risk his income. His view is if it were to be a commodity of not leaves he might not have used those sprays.

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Thanks for following up to get the info.

Wdc for salinity management is brand new which
the marketers did not think of themselves, I guess :blush:

Just reading this, it looks like some more marketing or placebo effect to be honest.

On a separate note, there seems to be a lot of discussions and argument on which method is better.

We have 4-5 brands now and proponents of each try to make it sound theirs is the one wonderful solution that fixes everything, and the others are useless. Too much theory and too little practice! No ingredients, no trials, no data… a few youtube videos do the job instead.

This is almost insulting farmer intelligence!

the link is to the press note from agriculture ministry - Govt of India.It has reference to Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) that the product has been validated by them. There is also one youtube video on the ICAR finding where they test (the video is incomplete though) the WDC.

the concept is not from an individual but from a Govt body and hard to digest why a Govt body would do any marketing gimmicks… and honestly farmers around us have never heard about it (in fact poor marketing)…our culture is getting ready shortly and will test on the veggie patch in the farm to the see the results in the short term.


very useful information bro. i am planing for paddy crop this season , but wondering what would be best practice for using WD during the crop process, if you have any idea please let me know. thanks

Hi Chandra,

Have you tried out the bottle of WD? Please let me know the results if so. Thanks!

thanks very useful information I too suffering from saline land. i will try this please more information about trichoderma viride

Hi, didn’t manage to track its use well enough.