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Septa is the plural of septum. Septum is a dividing partition between two compartments.
In this instant case of cattle proof trench, the suggestion is to form septa at every 100 meters to prevent the continuous flow of water with in the trench and thus avoiding  formation of a drain.
Leaving septa of 6 inch width with in the trench without digging the 6 inch portion is recommended because the cattle find it difficult to cross over such small septa.
Siva Sankara Reddy.


Thank you.

Will a 6" septum stand the test of time and water pressure/erosion? Would it be preferable to have wider septa; (here I go using this new word now!) say, until a depth of 3-4’  in a trench that is 6’ deep?


I too have similar doubts, if the water is full it might not stand the pressure.  As Reddy garu explained earlier,  if this is wider it would not serve the purpose  as people can cross and even the cattle will cross easily.


How about a shahbad or rcc slab?


No problem. 6" septum will serve the purpose as the ground in the subsoil is hard enough to take the pressure of water. What is to be appreciated here is that water  in the trench is not running but stagant and it percolates into the soil  in no time. This is the practice generally followed  for most of the  forest plantations where cattle proof trenches are dug along the periphery to prevent entry of cattle into the plantations.
Another important point  to be kept in mind is that the walls of the trenches collapse with passage of time because of which the cattle to cross the trench easily. Therefore these  need to be maintained periodically by trimming the walls depending on the need.
Siva Sankara Reddy.


Dear All,

Please find attached photos of sagargoti.



This is the season to harvest Caesalpinia crista seeds which are readily naturally in the elderly grown plants which produced decent number of seeds. Have you collected? Can any one come back with results.

Find the below photo in which seeds are ready to pick from the plant. Be careful of thorns while collecting the same.
I have collected the seeds at Somanahally, Kanakapura road, Bangalore in last week. Still about 5 kgs seeds are available their, no local one knows about their uses, can any one try in your area?


Hi FNians,

I need to plant live fence on my farm … anyone know where I can source the same in Bangalore or Hosur region?

Jatropha, giri-pusha, sagargota … Also where can I source casuarina saplings? I need about 50 of them.

I checked several places, farmers, etc … but no luck. Any help will be highly appreciated!




Pl google Aranya Bhavan (Karnataka Forest Dept HQ) at malleshwaram Bangalore. Definitely they will be able to help.However Krishnendra nursery at Siddapura Lalbagh also may be able to help you out.


Contact Suresh agro forestry in Banglore. They also have seeds of various live fencing trees. While Krishendra nursery has saplings.


Please send me the information about Heena and how to grow it along the border. Thank you.