Natural/Live Fencing



Aggathi, castor, clarcidia,subapul,sithgathi, neem, adathoda,marudhani,
this are all live fencing easy to grow 7 maintain at the same time use this as fooder


Hi akshayaagrofarm,

Will agathi, clarcidia will be effective for fencing? They are liked by cattles, right?


still 5 ft height its happenning,
you can drop seeds closly, any way cattle like this, for 3 months we need care for this plants
in our farm we planted in covers & replaced this initialy afterwards we practised for direct planting,
we are using this as cattle feed,

after 3 months it will reach 4 to 5 ft then no need of care

Thanks & regards


I have planted cactus (katralai) around the border our land fifteen years ago. No doubt, it is a good natural fence, but now the cactus plants have grown to a greater extent by spreading themselves 7 to 8 feet extra from its original planted position. This is a nuisance, I may have to go for barbed wire fencing.
R Vasudevan


Personally I don’t find cacti very aesthetic.
I would prefer nice bushy plants - but on topic, all natural fence plants will need trimming, right?


Does anyone know the name of this plant and how good this is as natural fence? Any clues on if it is nitrogen fixing, if it has any economic value will be super. It is commonly called as vayal here and is supposed to have strong roots and hence deemed a good demarcation plant.


[size=120][b]We have Gachhakaya seeds.  You can contact us for the seeds.

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I have this shrub in my land,, its kalled Nukki Soppu in our local kannada dialect, i think they also call it as lukky soppu in kannada.

My plan is to cut this and plat the stumps on the trenches that i have created around my farm land once the monsoon starts.  This is a hardy plant, cattle does not eat it and as far as i know it does not have any commercial value. But it serves the purpose of fence.


Dear Hegade,
Though it has no direct commercial value, but it is important ingredients to prepare DASHAPARNI KASHAYA to control insects. Lucky leaves also useful to preserve grains. Local people know further more uses of this plant which is 2 varieties Black & white.

So, you can have got live stock of one of insecticide with free of cost! See the free gift from the nature? even more such gifts are available if we find them for our benefit.


Can you post GACHHAKAYA (Caesalpinia crista) Plant Picture. Also i wanted know the approximate cost of the seeds per kg.

Chetan B R


Vettiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides) makes a very good fence.
It has innumerable other uses.

Following are links from pointReturn (of D V Sridharan):

Virtues of vetiver

Vetiver – how to plant it … -plant-it/

Vetiver : an interlude … interlude/


    this is really a impressive piece of information . Any one in maharashtra used it as fence and willing spare few of them to me ?
Please let me know .



This is very good info, however with the manner in which land battles are increasing, it makes lot of sense to do a half stone wall across the boundary. This will be costly and hence a phase by phase approach may be adopted keeping one’s finances in mind.


I have got the stumps planted along the edge of the trench, idea is to prevent the live stock, this should also help stop the mud from falling into the trench.


Dear Hegde,

Could you please post pictures of how your live fencing has caught on since you planted the stumps.



Sure, i should have the pics taken after 1 month of this activity, more than 95% has survived, in some places because of rain and some cattle trying to invade this has fallen off, i will post that, current state i should be able to do it after Aug 12.


Dear Amind,

Two possible sources near Mumbai - you may check these out

  1. The plant nursery at Jijamata Udyan, byculla and/or
  2. State Agri Departments nursery near Khopoli (just before the old NH4 bifurcates into two lanes one which goes towards Khopoli bus stand and the other which comes down from Lonavala towards Mumbai. There is bridge over there; before this bridge)

To all others,
Why have we all left out the good and ageold cactus out of the list. for that matter why not bouganvillae too. On a lighter vein, I will loose a bet with whoever is able to cross a full grown bouganvillae barricade.


Again we should go back to traditional method of fences to address cost, convenience, durability.
See the photo showing natural live fence, All places at coffee estates in Kodagu & Manlnad area will have such fence in Karnataka.

Today I saw a farm which is protected with GRANITE FENCE, see below the height and weight of the GRANITE FENCE?
Its owner must have over weighted pocket money to spend to create such granite compound to agriculture land.

Finally, one should understand better to adopt any such fencing method which give maximum comfort, protection and income at the end of the day.


Sure cactus is one good plant, i did not use it as it was expensive to take it from one farm to another.

Thanks for suggesting Bouganvillae, let me try that.


This is how it looks at present, pics taken 2 days back.