National Qualified Grain Peeling Machine

Our GRAIN PEELING MACHINE is national qualified brand. The grain peeling machine result is completed through grain peeling machine rollers crush rice. Then what are the effect factors of grain peeling machine result? Henan Institute of Grain Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the largest grain peeling machine manufacturer, so we have a voice most to analyze what effect factors impact grain peeling machine result.

1, the process properties of grain: the effect factors impacting grain peeling machine result is mainly the content of rice bran moisture regulation before grinding. They determine the grain grinding brittleness and toughness.

2, the rolling distance and the length of the grinding area: if rolling distance is small, while grinding pressure large, crushing strength also increased; while large grinding area will result in long time grain grinding, then crushing degree is large.

3, roller surface speed and speed line speed ratio: roller surface speed mainly affects the average speed of the material, that is, grinding machine production capacity. Roller speed ratio will affect the scraping and grinding rate: large ratio means strong scraping ability and big crushing degree.

4, feeding: feeding’s uniformity, accuracy and speed are the primary conditions to ensure the smooth progress. The feeding rate must be compatible with the grinding speed.

5, grain peeling machine flow: grain peeling machine result machine flow also directly affects the efficiency of grinding flour and flour quality. To set out a reasonable flow according to the grain nature.

In summary, the grinding equipment influence on the grain peeling machine result is very large. Grinding roller surface characteristics decide the grinding state, and grain’s grinding length between the equipments determines the grain peeling machine result crushing degree.