My shadenet cucumber project

hi all, i have been throgh this forum for the past one year.have to thank gowtham and vivek for their sharing of experiences and information.without them it would have been difficult for me

my place is 200 sqm shadenet house.i have sown 400 seeds of rijkzwaan multistar in indivdual grow bags with washed cocopeat as media

more photos


more photos

a problem

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friuting started very first harvest 43 days old plants

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i m starting my polyhouse 1000 sqm next month.getting subsidy from state govt.planning to cultivate cucumber.

Dear Sundram,

Nice to see your photos and all the best for your project.
We have also planted same variety under shade net.
Its around more than 2 weeks but progress is not that much which you have achieved.
Can you please share fertigation schedule which you have followed for crop period?
How much yield you got for it?
Kindly excuse me for asking many questions at a time.
Thanks in advance

Hi Sundaram:
I am also given to understand that Rijkzwaan seeds could be the right one to go with.
Great to see your progress using Soil less cultivation (if I understood right)… Is there any way I can connect with you to learn your planning on this.
My email id is
I am just getting into horticulture.


Hi Sundaram

Is your farm near Chennai.
If it OK with you can I drop by and see the nice work you have done


Dear sundram,

Can you please help me what kind of deficiency is this?

pawan sir,to be frank i am a doctor by profession and a new entrant in this field.i myself is a learner.i think the admin r the experts may be able to identify the problem.i will suggest a person manikandan holding a website in the name geekgardener.he is a agri techie.he will give you the solution.

xisfan it is located near lalgudi polyhouse is coming up in madurai
regards sundar

i am attaching the latest photograph of my yield 48kg from 400 plants.sold them to nearby food bazaar.totally harvested 160 kg so far 5 harvests.56 days old plants

hi pawan sorry for the delay in reply.regarding the nutrition i refered the articles i am uploading now.they give clear guidelines for the nutrients concentration.they give many formulations.use the formulation they mention for harrowbag cocopeat.i also used a software hydrocal to calculate the weight of chemicals to added.i prepared my own nutrient solution.if u want i can msg the details.but it is applicable for me only as u have to calculate your own using the details of your wayer source

thanks sundaram, when i travel next to madurai will get in touch.
till then good luck

Dear Sundram,

Where you have uploaded the articles.
i am unable to find those.
Please upload again and if possible please send to me on
Thanks in advance

Hi Sundaram

I am from Angarai . Currently residing in chennai i have small terrace garden

Require your contact number to speak to you

Hi Sundarm
Well done that’s very impressive. What was the spacing between the plants?