My Mango farm going Organic this year 2021

My Farm is located 13 Kms from Mulbagal in Kolar district, from Bangalore it is 114Kms.

This farm is spread over 15 acres and has been cultivated over 25 years, however the 2nd round of plantations are around 12 years.

This farm has Mango’s, and varieties are primarily Thothapuri, Badami, Neelam & Mallika. Also have 40 Coconut trees, 60 trees of Java Plum or Black Jamun.

How do I farm - This year, i have ventured into organic farming. Using regular Cow dung as basic fertilizer, Dr. Soil for plant nutrition and Siddi Bio product for plant spraying. All are pure bio and organic inputs to the farm.

How do I process, market: I have no idea about this part, i would like to explore and take risk in doing this myself for year 2021.

What are my economics: Yet to understand that depending on the yield, will post this further in August after the reaping the crop.

What is special about my farm : This is a pure dryland farming, using the methods of Sundaram Verma on dryland Agro forest. Also few techniques of Shri. Subash Palekar.

Members are welcome to visit my farm with prior intimation, so that I can personally be available and walk them through the methods practiced.

What is my overall learning from farming: My learning so far is, a need to have lot of patience, there are multiple variables and unpredictability. More importantly the soil humus and its impact on plant development.

  1. 1st set of pics- Jan 10th 2021 - Spray of Organic fertilizer
  2. 2nd set of pics - Jan 26th 2021 - Uniform Flowering

Very nice, all the best!

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Sir Can you let me have your contact address and number by email.
Giri Kumar

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Thank you for your support

Thank you, I will send you an e-mail with details as requested.

Now,the started for next year preparation

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Happy to learn that you ente red into farming.
You entered into organic farming this year and your plantation is over 12 and 25 years.
What fertilisers were used before? Organic or in organic?
To get organic verification it may take more than three years and you have to work in cooperation with an organic certification agency. Then only you can get organic certification.