My learnings on red gram natural farming

its been a pending task on my part to post an update on my red gram crop in the farm, PLease excuse me if you find it boring and unstructured update :slight_smile:

My crop:red gram
seed varieties : ICRISAT lakshmi variety purchased from NSC
Acrage : 70 Acres( lakshmi Variety)

after lot of deliberations about various crops, finally choose red gram as its low input cost and high demand in pulses in the market.

some part of land is prepared simple tilling , and some parts were levelled fresh with dozers, and some plots were ploughed becasue of soil hardness. And finally used rotovator before using seed drill to plant the Red gram along with black/green gram as short term crop.

Used Jeevamritham regularly every 15-20 days drenching the trees along with the soil at the roots.

upon observing pachha purugu , sprayed desi cow urine along with jaggery  which in turn has increased ants on the trees , acting as predators to some pests. they control the pest population by eating/damaging their eggs on the plant.Also along with Ants some more friends pests were observed keeping the plants healthy and green.

despite these precautions we have observed the increase in pachha purugu… upon observing the farm, we have noticed that parthinium is acting as host plant for these pests and so taken up manual weeding exercise and removed the parthinium plants.

In Some parts we have faced wilt of the plant, we have prepared solution by soaking custard apple seed powder in Cow urine and applied along with Fish Amino Acid and sprayed the plants liberally.

To control further pests we kept spraying neem oil along with Karanj oil in between the jeevamritham sprays.

At the end of the crop we were able to combat pests using natural methods(leaving some 15-20% damage because of wild pigs).

After all the labour issues we faced , we thought using harvester could be a better option . But we found its a nother mistake as the macine we used caused more than 20% wastage due to the pod/seed dropping in the field and labour cost increased further as the cleaning is not complete and hence we have to employ manual labour for further cleaning

Harvest is a lot lower than expected, we got only about 1 quinta per acre.

Due to NO Rainfall, lost complete crop in a 30 acre plot. Irrigated remaining land intermittantly as we observed lack of moisture  in soil and air. That saved our crop to an extent unlike many other farmers lost their complete crops due to lock of irrigation.