My brand new tool to squash pumpkin beetles - an electric bat!

A brain wave got me to use a mosquito electric bat on my non-pesticide muskmelon. An army of pumpkin beetles had invaded my crop - these are among the most dangerous pests of cucurbits.

The electric bat was very effective and I killed no less than a couple of hundred pumpkin beetles in less than a half hour! My people will now scout for more of them a few minutes each day.

Innovation award of the year - anyone?  :wink:

Thank you Sir Good Idea. This Idea will lead to Solar based equipment for  pest control in Agriculture.Very GOOD IDEA.  Your IDEA will change the lifestyle of Farmers.But simultaneously this may kill the Friendly creatures like Butterfly etc  for Agriculture . No doubt this Forum will be a factory in producing the IDEAS for betterment of the lives of the Farmers. Thanks and appreciations  to Mr. Chandra. my loved Farmer Brother.

good idea MR. CHANDRA