Must watch: 2 lakh farmers have committed suicide over the last 10 years

“Nero’s Guests” (a documentary by Deepa Bhatia)

Google for “p sainath Nero’s Guests” watch the documentary film in youtube.

Here are the actual links :

ABOUT THE FILM: Nearly two lakh farmers have committed suicide in
India over the last 10 years. But the mainstream media hardly reflects
this. Nero´s Guests is a story about India?s agrarian crisis and the
growing inequality seen through the work of the Rural Affairs Editor
of Hindu newspaper, P Sainath. Through sustained coverage of the farm
crisis, Sainath and his colleagues created the national agenda,
compelling a government in denial to take notice and act. Through his
writings and lectures, Sainath makes us confront the India we don?t
want to see, and provokes us to think about who ?Nero?s Guests? are in
today?s world.

ABOUT P SAINATH:The Ramon Magsaysay award-winning development and
rural reporter, Palagummi Sainath, is India’s foremost chronicler of
the impact of globalization on the country’s rural populations.
Described by the Nobel Prize-winner, Amartya Sen as “one of the
world’s greatest experts on famine and hunger,” P. Sainath has worked
tirelessly to expose the devastation inflicted on rural farmers and
the broader population by the so-called economic reforms. He is author
of the best seller, “Everybody Loves a Good Drought: Stories from
India’s Poorest Districts”, a book credited with significant impact on
drought management, medical and development programs in rural India.
He is currently working as the rural affairs editor of The Hindu.

ABOUT Deepa Bhatia
Deepa Bhatia is a Film Editor, based in Mumbai. She has worked with
acclaimed directors like Govind Nihalani (Dev, Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa,
Deham) & Jahnu Barua (Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara, Har Pal). She
recently edited ?My Name is Khan? directed by Karan Johar. Her other
popular work as editor includes Rock On & Taare Zameen Par. Deepa has
also been involved in research on several documentaries & films.
Nero?s Guests is her first independent documentary.

How interesting we have the suicides on one hand and this kind of success on the other: … s-of-land/
A clear indication there is opportunity that can be gainfully used - provided knowedge and imagination are properly applied!

A farmer will never commit suicide.For him success or failure of crop is part of farming practice.He commits suicide because he ceased to be farmer.I have not found any farmer committing suicide in my area (Koshi Region of Bihar).I understand those engaged in commercial activities in field may not cope of the burden of failure and end himself.Debt is one of the burden.I firmly believe a farmer need not go for debt for farming activities.Farming requires no capital at all.
But what a common man can do if he finds that Policy Makers,Political Leadership,Economist,Agricultural Scientist are encouraging him to go for farm loan.Swaminathans and Amrutya Sens should be asked why they are pushing Indian Farmer to become non farmer?