Musk Melon Available in Bulk

This is Narendra. I am a farmer from Andhra Pradesh. We have around 100 tons of Kundan Musk melon which will be harvested by next month . I am looking for buyers who can collect in bulk . Let me know

please let me know price

Please let me know your requirement

Where is your farm location and contact number? I have a buyer who will visit farm and provide their offer.

It is in Andhra Pradesh.Where is the buyer from

Anantapur, A.P.

Please let me know further details or else give me your number .

Thanks and Regards

8919295061 Jai Prakash

Is this your watsapp number

Still not able to sell my Musk Melon

Please share your number or call or whatsap 9742009180 will buy it

Ok.Will get in touch soon