Mushroom cutivation - Investment and Profit

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I am considering to setup a mushroom farm. Total investment I have is approximately rupees 6 to 8 lakhs for construction of shed and working capital. I have 1 acre land. I am planning to quite my full time job to start mushroom farm. The location is near Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu

Can you advise…

  1. There are many mushroom. If I understand the profitable mushroom is Milk Mushroom. Is anything better?
  2. Typically what is the average profit we can get every month if I invest 8 lakhs (Excluding land )
  3. Do we need lot of water for mushroom cultivation?

I will go for a course before I jump start but appreciate if you can share for taking informed decision.

Thank you

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Thank you sir,

Milk Mushroom are very GOOD for appearance but it is not having GOOD market because it is very hard and not easily be cooked.It has not gained the favour of Consumers.


I don’t have any experience in this subject but commercially I have heard that shiitake variety of mushrooms are high in commercial value and demand

May be you can carve a niche for yourselves  :slight_smile:

Also, please see if the below link is of any use, found on google;


Thank you Mr. Vasudev and Mr. Saravanan. Appreciate.

Today I came across the following article. Sorry it is in Tamil but here is the summary.

Mr. Rajkumar, Near Madurai is growing Milky Mushroom. According to this article, His profit is approx rupees 2.3 lakhs every month.  His expenses Rupees 70,000 . he do not have any additional labour he, his wife and kids manage the entire farm. So I called him he said he has two sheds each situated in 10 cents of land.  I requested more information, he said I need to attend training with him which costs Rupees 750 for a one day training. He did mention one shed cost approximately Rupees 5 lakhs. To begin we can expect rupees 30,000 profit every month then it can be increased further to rupees 1.15 lakhs as we understand the process and optimize.Is it practical? That is almost 4 fold increase?  ???

I am more interested because my place is quite hot climate. 35 degrees normally and in summer it can go to 42 degrees. It matches my budget.

my question
1)  Is it possible to profit rupees 2 lakhs  per month by investing rupees 10 lakhs for two sheds?
2) What is the average profit one should expect. Assume all done with labour.
3) If not milky mushroom what other mushroom is popular, can grow in hot climate?

Thank you

You can get complete details with TNAU coimbatore. They provide training on this, 5th of every month and charge Rs150. They advice to first try it at home and if comfortable you can attend 5 day training for which they charge Rs 2500.

More details can be found at


Hi Ramsforums,

Have you setup and started cultivating mushrooms?

Kindly share your learning curve .It will be beneficial for the community and aspiring wanna be mushroom growers like me.


Saravana Kumar

Dear Mr Saravana Kumar:

I am based in NY and would like to setup a mushroom farming in Kanpur where our family have few acres of land.
Would really appreciate if could send me more info for the complete setup and production of the same.

Please do reply to my email ( once you get the chance.

Thanks for all the help.


Anil Agarwal

  1. Oyster and Milky mushrooms are profitable. Oyster mushrooms last for 4 days after cutting and milky mushrooms last for 45 days after cutting
    2)One kg of spawn yields approximately 4kg of mushrooms. One kg of spawn ranges from Rs 80 to Rs 100/-.
  2. We need water but not a lot of water.

For more information visit

Hi @aagarwal8419,

You can visit website of Directorate of Mushroom Research :, it has got plenty of information and also some sample project report which can help you understand the mushroom cultivation business better.

On the home page click on Downloads tab and you can find links to plenty of helpful reference documents.


Thanks for your article brother. Could you share Mr Rajkumar’s contact details. The link doesn’t open, showing 404 error. Thanks