Murrel Fish Farming


Please tell me how many Murrel fish can we put per cent? I have 23 cent natural pond in kerala. What is the growth rate? In 10 months what will be the weight of the fish. What feed to give them. And above all can anyone direct me where I can buy murrel seeds.


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Dear Rony,
I am from Coimbatore and have started growing Channa Marulius (bullseye snakehead) in a small pond of size 8X8X1 metre. I have put in 700 seedlings of 4 to 5 inches in size. Stocking density varies a lot between the articles I have read so far. Asian countries stock as much as 50 fish per square metre. But we must note that they use formulated feed for them. Snakeheads need 45% protein for good growth. I don’t know if there are any commercial feeds available in India with that much protein content. Right now I’m feeding them with ground up fish waste that I collect from local fish vendors. We can also feed them dried fish or dried fish powder.
I’m searching for dry fish or fish meal in smaller quantities like 100 kgs or so here. Most vendors are ready to supply only large quantities like a few tons at a time.
Alternately, we can also use chicken intestine.

Please check the below link. It’s an article published by CARE at Tamilnadu who do research on snakehead species.


Thanks Keerthy. But where can we buy the seeds?

You have to check with local fishermen. They might be able to get you wild caught seedlings.

You’ll be able to get seeds from ashok saha from Kolkata during june july months his number is 09477325007
Fish feeds theres a good company by name of Growell.

If anyone’s interested in freshwater prawns seeds please contact me. Freshwater prawns seeds at 80 paise each. You can watsapp me on +918291379254 Rohit

Murrel Fish is not profitable. Murrel is call a hunter fish & they eat them self means the healthier will eat the weaker one. this is my experience. You will get 30 % of total quantity @ the time of harvesting.

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