Murrah Buffalo feed composition

Can anyone provide me the details of feed composition for Murrah Buffaloes. We currently provide green fodder, dry fodder and (Thoudu, Cotton Cake/cocunut cake, Minapa Sunni/kandi Sunni, Godum Pottu, Jaggery, Salt) for our buffaloes.We grow Maize, Jonna, and Ragi in our farm, I’m trying to see if there is any feed for cattle that can be made with Maize, Ragi and Jonna.

Thanks in advance.

Feed for buffaloes goes as below:
(1) Total feed should be 10 % of their body weight, assuming a buffalo is of 500 Kgs, they should get 50 kgs of feed.
(2) 35 kg Green fodder, 10 kg dry fodder and 5 kg concentrate feed. dry fodder is to fill their stomach. and min 40 - 50 lts of water.

Concentrate feed should be calculated on the basis of how much a buffalo produces milk… like 500 grams of concentrate should be give for each lts of milk produced by a buffalo. and similarly 4-5 lts of water per lt of milk should be given…

For green fodder you can plant Co3/Co4 cutting purchased from the university or near by nursury…they high in nutrition and taste better than Jowar/Maize…

For additional information you email me…

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Thanks Amol, we use CO4, English Grass, Jowar Grass alternatively for Green fodder.

I am growing Fodder grass using maize and wheat can i substitute this for 50 kg of dry, wet, concentrate feed i want to give 10 kgs of fodder and 5 kgs  of dry. please advise.