Multigrain seeds sowing for land fertility improvement

Multi Grain Seeds Sowing:

It’s a method to improve land fertility in natural and cost effective way and to reduce the bio inputs cost. Recommend once in year to improve the bio mass in the land also to improve the yield.

Benefits :

  1. Soil NPK content and micronutrients Improvement in a natural method.
  2. Prepare the land for Organic Farming.
  3. Removes Chemical Residue from the Soil.
  4. Improve the Soil flexibility and fertility.
  5. Reduced bio inputs required for farming

Method :
1.Plough the land using Tractor
2. Sowing the multigrain seeds after seed treatment
3. Feed enough water to the land whenever needed.
5. Allow the multi grain seeds plants to grow for 5 to 6 week before flowering of the grown plants cut the plants by Rotavator and allow it to decompose with soil for a week.

MultiGrain seeds type:
Millets 4 types
Pulses 4 types
Oil Seeds 4 types
Green Manure/Mulching seeds 4 types
Spices seeds 4 types

For 1 acre 20 Kg Multi grain seeds pack required.

For more Information and testimonials contact 9345416066
Parcel service available .

Price per kg please?

Please contact the number 9345416066

Hi, it is a lot easier to post the price here than each member having to call you. Please consider that. Thanks.

₹2500 /20 kg pack

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Dear Sirs,
It is good. All we needy farmers can utilize, as advised by our Dr Chandra Sir. Transparency is always better.
g.p.rao, farmer

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