Multifunctional power weeder

I am planning to purchase a multi functional power weeder for my farm. So far I found two products (Texas and Stihl) in the market. Since Stihl is pretty expensive (more than Rs 60,000) I am planning to purchase Texas GJ330 Multi Functional power weeder (cost approx. Rs35,000 to Rs39,000).

Anyone using Texas GJ330, please share your experience using the power cutter as well the price details.

Your help is much appreciated.


Is this just a weeder ? Any more attachments along with it? or can be bought separately? I wish you go for a multifunctional implement.

When i started off on farming i used to purchase since purpose devices but after 3 years of maturity i feel serious folks should go for an Angad or similar capacity implement. In the long run, it will work out economical that way. I spent almost 60K totally on : brush cutter, mini weeder which i could’ve avoided totally and bought an Angad [which was 60k @ that time]. I feel it’ll pay itself in avoiding labour for almost all common tasks. If you own the land, you should approach the agri dept for a subsidy which is given very easily these days since the dealers are finding it hard to sell these machines otherwise. [at least i heard this from my area agri office]. If the extent of land is 2acres plus, please GO for a multipurpose machine ONLY. Diesel is better, economical in the long run and can withstand 5-6 hours of operation continuously. Most such ones come with a sprayer [for spreading pestisides, jeevanmrutham], water pump for carry water over a considerable distance, tiller, cultivator and a plough. So most things covered using a single one!

If possible buy honda fj500