Multicropping in dry areas


Can anyone let me know what kind of muticropping pattern can be set up in dry areas, where there is not much coconut, arecanut etc, which seem to be more of heavy rainfall crops.

I am looking for some help with mango, papaya and guava, if anyone has some experience


Mango,Moringa,Amla,Marigold, Pineapple or Ginger or turmeric or any tubers are best if you are going for 5 layers.

Mango and moringa intercroping goes hand in hand.

A guide to intercropping coconuts.pdf

Thanks Sri. Appreciate your input


Which is the main crop you wanted to have in this land?
Are you completely depending on rain water or what is the source of irrigation?
Location of the land to do the cultivation? What are the crops grown by other lands in any irrigated methods?
What is the distance between this land to nearby town/market?


Yours is not dry land at all. It is far better than my farmland which has lots of rocky but still i planted every trees ie., mango, gauva, cashewnut, coconut, sunflower, onions, jackfruit, mehendi, promogranite etc in 2 acres of land which is very difficult even to put seeds, but we could do it that too in organic method. Nothing is immossible. I suggest you can go for organic you can yield more and the better solutions.


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Please share your success story and pics if possible.