Motor Types

Hi All,

I’m planning to buy 5HP Texmo Motors and I came accross the below types of motors. I just want to know

  1. Difference between these types
  2. Which is best


  1. TMS & TMS L Mixed Flow
  2. TMS R Mixed Flow
  3. TRS R Radial Flow
  4. TRS, TRS H & TRS L Radial Flow


Hi Dhana,

Depending on how the pump impeller pumps the water w.r.t to the plane of motor shaft, centrifugal pumps are classified as radial, axial and mixed flow.


Radial Flow- High Pressure, Low Flow rate pumps
Axial Flow- Low pressure, High Flow rate pumps
Mixed Flow - Balanced pressure & flow rate.

Now that you know the classifications, you can decide;

Radial Flow - High Pressure Applications like drip, sprinkler, rain gun etc
Axial Flow - Low pressure Applications like storage tank, flood irrigation etc
Mixed Flow - If the numbers of your pressure & flow required meets the models offered

Hope this helps!


Thanks Saravana Kumar for your valuable information.