Mosquito repellant plants

I want to know what are plants available which i can plant in my garden for mosquito repellent. I heard a plant name "PHYCUS " which is a excellent mosquito repellent but it is not available near my place so can you suggest me some other plants or availability of this plant.

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You can try vetiver

Vetiver is a mosquito repellent:,

Getting vetiver & other info:

Please note - mine is only theoritical knowledge with no practical experience (yet).

What is the indian name of " citronella " plant which is used for mosquito repellant

citronella is lemon grass

But Vetiver is not Citronella

Dear sir
The plant citronella is used to make herbal mosquito repellent.Citronella and lemon grass are two diferent species.Though citronella is proclaimed to be effective but it has not proved to be very effective in repelling mosquitoes. Tulsi(basilicum sanctum) is also one such plant but with limited effect.The best solution is to use mosquito net to avoid mosquitoes.That is the best solution.

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Kindly inform us where shall we get the Mosquito repellant plant Saplings in India or Near Hyderabad.

We tried lemon grass at our house which proved to be useless even on 5th floor. But Pragathi Resorts in Hyderabad have gardens spread over 80 acres and there are no mosquitos there. I have been there several times. They claim because of herbal plants (plenty of them) they made it mosquito free. Hope this helps.


Pragati resort site is silent on herbal plants however it is for information of all viewers that it is not lemon grass which is mosquito repellent.It is citronella(similar grass, like lemon grass) which does the job.Please plant citronella and see the difference.Mosquitoes will avoid the side where the citronella plants are grown.Though nothing remains constant deterrent,but citronella may contain mosquitoes for considerable period of time.
Please use the correct medicine to cure the disease. Giloy may give relief from all types of fevers but it can not cure asthma,for that dama patta is used so apply your knowledge intelligently and see for yourself, the results.

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Thank you Very Much for your Vast Knowledge in Medicinal Plants.Kindly inform us where shall we get the Mosquito repellant plant Citronella -Dama Patta-Giloy- Saplings / Seed in India or Near Hyderabad.We will be Very Much thankful to you Sir on Providing information or Items if those are with you Sir.
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All these plants are available in our Medicinal Plants Research & Propagation society’s herbal nursery.In case you happen to visit Lucknow side you can carry them with you or else I may be visiting Hyderabad in near future.

Thank you So Much sir for your Co-operation.

As and when you happened to come to Hyderabad, kindly bring those Plants.
If you Provide your Bank A/C  I will deposite the Money into Your Bank Account.

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Thank you Very Much Mr. R.C.Dixit Sab , on having your advise on Mosquito Repellent Plants, we are very Much interested in Going for the said Plants.Hence , kindly use your GOOD OFFICES in sending the Citronella -Dama Patta-Giloy- Saplings through Transport if it is Possiable.On receipt of your Confirmation I will deposit the Money into Bak as advised by you.Kindly Help in this Regard.Also kindly inform us the Other Plants having Commercial Importance.

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Lavender also smells amazing and has many medicinal qualities, it aids relaxation and helps promote restful sleep.

I have heard about tulsi which act as mosquitoes repellant… And one good idea that cut a lemon and insert clover over it and leave…it also work as mosquito repellant…