Mosa nano city terrace garden

This is MOSA NANO TERRACE ORGANIC VERTICAL GARDEN –in vegetative and pre-flowering stage- 25 days old garden
1.Framework is made of iron metal
2.12 fibre bins set up in 3 vertical layers each comprising 4 bins
3.Watering is done through recirculation system powered by ½ HP power motor , each bin is watered through micro sprinkler spray
4.The growing medium is purely organic comrising cocopeat , vermicompost, Bio fertilizers, VAM fungi, neem cake, fish meal , rock phosphate , Pseudomonas , Trichoderma viride ( bio pesticide ) , panchagavya solution , verticillium etc.
Top dressing with fermented organic fruits extract  rich in vitamins , minerals and aminoacids .
5.4 bins in the bottom layer are growing Brinjal , Tomato, bhendi , chillies , Middle layer with curry leaf , cowpea, cluster beans , beans. The top layer contains coriander , greens ( white sirukeerai, red sirukeerai and ponnanganni keerai ) .
6.Daily morning and evening each 5 minutes the nano garden is switched on to ddeliver water .
7.Other vegetables and medicinal plants can also be grown through out the year depending on the requirement of home needs
8. 8’ * 8 ‘ spacing is enough to set up this MOSA Nano garden
9.Easily operated even by children and house wife
10.It adds green value to home
11.It gives out fresh air for breathing in city area
12.It is an entertainment and learning tool for children and city dwellers to learn organic way of vegetable cultivation
13.It gives fresh, toxin free vegetable with natural flavor, aroma and taste

Wawo… Its interesting. What is the cost of making this? What is it’s Weight? How much area it covers?Is it a fixed one or portable?

Dear friend

The MOSA NANO garden  is potable and flexible , weighing 100 kgs , occupying 8 feet by 8 feet , but to walk around conveniently we need to have 9 feet by 9 feet space , the recycling of water is provided for with special design reflecting the concept of soil layer in natural environment and the plants absorbing nutrients and water under field capacity ( that is in 60% field capacity only the plant takes up its water and nutrients effectively from soil ) , organic nutrients solution can be administered to plants through micro spray powered by electric motor, and the principal motive is to produce organic vegetables for home needs through out the year . Also city home is growing vertically in flats and apartments . Most of the people are not having enough open and empty space in their home . Hence MOSA NANO garden design has been mooted . The material cost like iron metal , bins, motor, sprinkler accessories , special drainage mechanism  , storage tank , growing medium , shadenet house  and seeds and mainly making cost amounted to 51  thousand rupees …

Few other pictures of MOSA NANO garden 25 days old plants here