Moringa - Yellowing and dropping of moringa leaves

I have sown ODC3 Moringa on July 2020 in Madhya Pradesh, now the plants are in flowering and fruiting stage. But, now many plants leaves are yellowing, dropping and many plants became leafless.
Could someone suggest me remedy to manage this problem.
I have attached few pictures of affected plants.
Kindly provide suggestions

Pawan Gundariya

Water… too much or too little. Both can affect the trees.

Fertilizer… was this farmland cultivated before? If yes, lack of nutrients can cause yellowing of leaves

Thanks for your time & reply.
Which nutrient deficiency is responsible for this problem?


You failed to respond to my question. Was the farmland cultivated prior to your planting moringa? If yes, for how many years and what crops? In the USA, we have a word that is used by farmers … “nutrition mining”. This means some crops remove micronutrients which needs to be added/replaced in order for the new crop to grow and prosper.

If you have a lab that performs soil analyses, it would be a good place start by sending samples and getting your soil analyses. My spelling is American English based and it will show up are errors. I’ve lived here for 40 years and have forgotten the Indian/British way to spell.


Yes, this farmland was cultivated prior to Moringa plantation. Land is being cultivated for more than 10 years. Generally, Soyabean, garlic and wheat are grown.
This time Moringa has been cultivated in mixed cropping pattern with garlic, which it is growing well.
Definitely, I would check for micronutrient availability in soil, since NPK and organic manure has been provided as per requirement.

Thanks for suggestions


good job. Also, try to read about nutrient harvesting in farmland and you will get a good understanding of your land. Another item of interest, if you can and if available easily for you, get a soil analysis done. That will help you with what you need to apply and what is already in the land.

do not remove the tree or get rid of it. Use the tree with yellow leaves to do some experiments. There is a product called azomite. It is a micronutrient mixture. Apply that to the plant and see if it helps. I think your soil might be low in iron, manganese or potassium. I am assuming you applied manure. If no fertilizer was applied, it could be just lacking nitrogen.

Good luck. Keep me informed.


Dr. Bhagyam