Moringa Stem Rotting near soil


Its raining since few days and some moringa plants were broken from soil base without roots. Plants are 3 months old and there is no water logging near plants.

Please advise how to solve this issue … image attached FYI.


Dear Sri Vamsi,  It appears that the plant is suffered with soil born disease. May be Stem Rot.

Immediately, drench with Carbendism ( bavistin ) 1 gm mixed in 1 ltr water and drench the plants, if you are doing farming, inorganically. Repeat with 3 gms Blietox powder mixed in 1 ltr water and drench the plants.

If growing organically, add 2 kgs of Trichoderma Viride + 2 kgs of Psuedomonos Floriscense + 2 kgs of Pacilomysis in 1 ton of FYM and / Or Neem cake, mix it thorouly by adding required water ( not much water ) daily , for 15 days. Then apply to all the plants bed soil and mix it. keep the plants with required moist.

If required repeat the process after 1 month. Hope your plants problem will be cured.

best of luck, g.p.rao, farmer

Thank you GP Rao Garu. I will follow the same and have few more q’s

  1. After how many days shall i repat with blietox. I should mix bavistin and Blietox after first spray of bavastin. is it right.

  2. Can i pour bavistin soluriton directly near the soil near root for quick prevention or i should go for spray only.

  3. I am observing green color fly on plants. image attached FYI. how can i prevent this . any lure for this.

thanking you, VAMSI


Dear Sri Vamsi, Repeat the drenching of blitox after 10 days of bavistin drenching.

Drenching is good than foliar spray for soil borne diseases.

I am not much aware of this insect. pl show it to local horticulture officer.

g.p.rao,  farmer

As could be seen from th photo, white ants must have damaged the root zone causing rotting at the point injury. please check for ant hills and protect your plants from its menace by keeping the base moist. application of biochemicals as suggested by one of the members can tried. If the damage is due to rotting, application of copper oxychloride or captan@ 3gms/litre of water to the base of the plants once a while would prevent such type of damage. Anyway moringa is a hardy plant and such damages are seen in cultivated fields due to several factors including the previous crop grown ,pathogens generally found on them nd such other factors.  Good luck

Whenever post such complication cut the stem longitudinally and show the photo. Check the rotted area is there any foul smell is there.
Any way spray
20:20:20-500gm+ 6-bromo- 60 gms+
Microfood -200 GM+ vinegar 40 ml+ whisky -250 ml/ 200 lits water spray whole plant.
After 10 days spray
Lime-500 GMS+ sulfex-300 GM+ Magnesium sulphate -300 GM+ copper sulphate-100 GM/200 lits water spray
Thank you