I want to plant Moringa in Tamilnadu in a place called Kanji about 20 Kms from Tiruvannamalai --Do I do PKM 1 or 2 --Shd I plant seed directly or do seedlings nursery ? Is March the right time to plant ?

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You can go for whichever variety you like. Is it for pods or leaves? If it is for pods, you can try Alagarsamy’s moringa.

Unless you have enough water and share, do not plant in March as the next few months are going to be very hot and chances are that the seedlings may not survive.

You should go for nursery for the next few months that too in a shaded place and try to plant just after one rain or just before the rainy season.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion --Will Moringa need irrigation once in 10 Days --Any idea of Quantities of Water reqd per Acre ? Planning max 2 Acres --We have 2 Wells and a bore --Water is needed for other crops but Available to irrigate once in 8-10 Days --I also read that when it starts raining and flowers appear at the same time, they will all fall and hence output will be bad --Is this true ?

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