Moringa plant skeletoning


i am cultivating moringa pkm1 variety and facing few issues . plants are 50 days old , directly sowed seeds , irrigation - i am using drip daily and avg 10-15litres per day per plant water. no rains since 2 months. given basal dose of ssp and manure to plants 10 days back

plants leafs are  becoming yellow and dropping and plant is becoming skeleton.

what is the issue ??

images  attached fyi


Dear Sri Vamsi,  Pl check the PH and EC of soil and water.

What are the mannures given initially , before plantation and at the time of plantation. Let your farm be inspected your nearest horticulture officer. They will come and suggest you suitably. Think that your plants are suffering with deficiencies. can you inform ,Where is your farm located, so that we can inform you better solutions.

Hope the best,  g.p.rao,  farmer


my farm is located in hyderabad , keesara mandal . last year i have cultivate marigold mums in the same soil and crop came good.

last year during may i have given 100 tractors of manure to 3.5 acres area. after that i followed fertigation for marigold mums. this yr for moringa i didnt apply any fertilizer or manure. last 10 days back i applied single super phosphate (ssp) with 1year old manure as basal dose.

3-4 times i have given humic acid in drip during this 50 days growth time.

i am facing problem with few plants.


Thank you Bhayya,
You done GOOD thing in applying FYM. Bu you have not enlightened the Problem which you are Facing.


i have mentioned the problem in the thread starting post.


Dear Sri Vamsi, Upto my knowledge, moringa oleifera ( drum stick ) plants have insect problems, but not have any notable diseases. Insects like caterpillars and bud/pod worms etc creates considerable damage, if neglected.

Each plant requires atleast 15 to 20 kgs of FYM at the time of planting and twice more during cropping. like same, inorganic NPK also is to be given initially and also during cropping.

Basing on photos shown by you, i think only some plants are like skelton. Approximately what is the percentage. if it is only 2 or 3 percent, i opine that it is negligible. pl forget. if it is like considerable, say 10 percent plants,  pl show your farm to some officials of horticulture Asst directors level offficers, and follow their instructions.

Along with required Inorganic fertilisers, pl give possible organic fertilisers , during cropping period.

All the best to you.  g.p.rao,    farmer

Thank you Mr. Sai Vamsi because you are Nr. Hyderabad, I can guide you after seeing your Land/Crop. It seems to be not a Pest Problem, either it should be Over Water or in sufficient Water. Unless we see it cannot be assessed merely based on the Images.

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i feal that yor moring plant was healthy till your tomato crop started spreading. As it appears the problem is limited to certain pockets in your field  where tomato plant have grown luxuriantly spreading its roots to the base of moring plant whose roots are still young and their root zone being shallow, there may be competition for water. open up the moring root zone to ascertain whether white ants if any has caused the damage.