#Moringa Pasta Know-How Value Added Processing

#Moringa Know-how? Blended Moringa Pasta
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Consumption of functional foods such as Blended (Moringa+ Oats+Wheat) Pasta will tackle nutritional deficiencies and improve the nutritional status, and also help in boosting the overall health of an individual, especially for developing countries.

The protein content progressively increases from 10.7% in Nonblended Pasta to 20.56% in Blended Pasta in pasta with 25% oat and 25% moringa leaves powder.

Commercial Formula?

Step 1 : Take 300 gm blended flour (Wheat flour-80% + Moringa Powder 10% + Oat Flour 10%) or (Wheat flour-80% + Moringa Powder 25% + Oat Flour 25% )

Step 2: Add the required amount of water at a proportion of 100 gm of flour to 30–35 mL of water

Step 3: Mix well for 10 min to distribute the water uniformly throughout the flour until the moisture content of the dough reaches around 31%.

Step 4: Feed the dough to the extruder.

Step 5: After extrusion, the pasta is dried at 60ºC until the final moisture is at 11%.