Moringa odc 3 leaf harvest

Moringa oleifera of the variety ODC 3 is being harvested about 60 days after sowing seeds ,leaving behind stubble of 30 CMS for allowing regrowth of leaves for subsequent harvest at 40 days cycle .
The fresh moringa leaves are exported to London , Dubai and Qatar and processed leaf powder , moringa tablets are exported to other destinations of international market . Out of 20 amino acids required for proper functioning of human body ,18 amino acids are being supplied by moringa leaf alone . The fresh leaves are harvested ,rolled in paper ,packed in cardboard and exported . Yield of leaf is high in intensive hidensity farming as the tender shoots and petioles are crushed without losing its nutrient. Where as leaves harvested from grown up moringa trees turnover @ 3:1 as two third of harvest are rejected as overmatured stem and petioles that will reduce the nutrient value of the processed moringa leaf powder if crushed together . The processed product of moringa is leaf powder , moringa Tea powder , moringa tablet ,moringa capsule , moringa blend with neem , turmeric , zinger .Moringa fresh leaf juice is an innovative product to harvest the entire nutrients , vitamins ,amino acids ,antioxidants ,omega 3,6 fatty acids in full .
This field has been planted with 0.6 M row to row and 0.3 Meter plant to plant spacing covering 22,220 moringa plants per acre ( 4000 Sq M)

The lady seen in the image by name Mrs.Selvi is just matriculate by education and she is sending 10,000 kgs of Moringa leaves to aforesaid countries through Trivandrum international airport .She is also giving employment to 35 women in self help group .
What is amazing to witness here is when highly educated people are running from villages to city in search of job , this bold lady used her acumen to venture into moringa based export business .


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