Moringa (Drumstick)

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I am interested in planting Moringa/Drumstick in 5 acres. I am wondering if some of the experienced farmers can guide me with the following questions. I have medium to moderate water available and soils are red sandy soil loams with Ph 7.5 and EC 1.3.
About 100 Km to Hyderabad vegetable market. Not sure of Moringa Leave demand in and around Hyderabad.

  1. where can I get the seeds for PAVM variety? what would be the best price?
        (I spoke with Mr.Alagarsamy, who said he has only grafted plants and each one is Rs 50 but no seeds)

  2. I am planing to follow organic practices, is this practical?
        (I am not planning for certificate as it is very time consuming and expensive)

  3. Any suggestions or comparisons on Pods Vs Leaves production!!

  4. I need some input on Pods Vs Leaves and regular vs high density plantation.
        (I am thinking of 2 acres of Pods production and three acres of leaves production) 


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Hello Members,

We have done plantation of moringa (drumstick) in Maharashtra before 4 month it’s hight going to 3-4 ft. so now next what we give fertilizers for this. & if any one have any details of how to plant of moringa from seed & what is the process from starting to end. to drip, fertilizer, cutting of plant etc.

Thanks in Advance

We bought Drum Sticks from Alagarswamy three years ago. Our experience has not been good at all. We too initially thought that organically grown Moringa will be a better deal but to our dismay, it is not so. Please try some other variety. Incidentally, our experience show that Hyderabad is not an ideal place for this vegetable.  Its native is Tamilnadu where consumption is high. We have not been able to get good prices.

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Thanks for Replies,

Does any one has any information on suitable varieties available in and around Hyderabad?

Any inputs on Pods Vs Leaves!!


I saw farmers in the Vijayawada - Amaravathi road have developed their local seed which is giving very good yeild  and the price of the seed is less than 1000 rs / kg.