Moringa - continuous flowering in amaravathinagar in tn -a case study

Abundance of flowers in moringa oleifera is the result of influence of weather and climate prevailing at amaravathinagar in TN - A scientific foray into the flowering physiology of moringa explains the importance of vernalization , brief period of low temperature during early morning hours followed by medium high temperature in the afternoon keep the drumstick flowering continuously into 10th month now .Another significant point to note is prolonged absence of rain coupled with atmospheric RH @ around 70% provides reasonable stress that keeps the continuous initiation of flowers while checking excessive vegetative growth , thus allowing enough sink ( carbohydrate produced in leaves by photosynthesis ) for the development of flowers and fruit set. Hence moringa farmers should imitate the natural causes of flowering in places where soil and climatic factors are not conducive by effectively following suitable agronomical practices . Suitable variety ,Soil preparation , timing of sowing and suitable spacing , orientation of line of trees , method of sowing , seed treatment , weed control , irrigation management , pest and disease control , nutrient management , pruning to allow more scaffolding branches are considered well