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In addition to what Siddaramesh & Bio farms is offering on Banana, more info can be had at

National Research Center for Banana. under ICAR. May be we the forum members can invite them to join Farmnest for interactive sessions. May be we can post some queries to them also.

In addition, are we on the verge of losing the other varieties of Banana to G9 ?

From a remote village to the city, I could only see the “Pachha Bale” only. I know there are at least a hundred other varieties out there. 



Last week I met with Principl; scientist Uma at her office, had discussion on my question about 1000 banana fruit plant.
Reply was very simple as it is not edible.

Further I had a visit to their model farm about 30 acres (our Siddaramesh @ Hiriyur having more or less of same extent) in which interesting root stocks under research. Our Yelakki, Nanjangudu Rasabale, Boodu Baale(Karpuravalli in Tamil), Kamalapura Kembale( Sevvale in Tamil) and other more varieties are available.

Yield is average in their trails because they have their own limits/obstacles to get optimum results.

This G9 is nothing but blind copy past of Western culture how our Indians adopted loosing world famous Indian culture  where all other countries are adopting and cultivating both of our culture & Agriculture practices.  (When I met Mr.Paul Allan of Germany became Nishtha to learn Sanskrit and dedicated serve & enlighten our Rigveda @ Auroville & Agriculture (The same Nishtha also recollects vedic lessons on Agriculture)

The old young man Mr.Sundaram is achieved a record of 90kg banana which is more than his height of 6 feet.
Again I remember that a knowledgeable Farmer is better than University as the said Sundaram can inject nutrients to Banana as Doctor gives injunction to a patient to enhance its growth.

Again coming back to G9, it is adopted by most of the countries, because of it is very simple to multiply it in Tissue culture lab.
Hence copy paste the technology to produce easily. No one dares to take risk of introducing our Indian Indigenous Yelakki Banana which is famous not only in India, but in Foreign too. The true fact is Yelakki Banana has got more value added products in abroad the in India, hence it is exporting too.

Our Tamil Nadu Farmers grow G9 only to send them to Bangalore and they grow our Boodu Baale (Karpuravally in tamil) along with other desi banana varieties for theirs consumption.

Highest fingers in a Hand is 34 which I have seen in my last weeks visit to TN. Few farmers cultivating Yellow Moris (Dwarf variety) and getting decent income.

Farmers are having records of having earnings of about 3,00,000 in 15 months from Banana.
Yelakki is not came down below Rs.20/- from past 3 years, where G9 is not raised up to Rs.20/- at the same time.

No matter of variety, we can try our level best with love and care for our indigenous varieties which are in endangered stage.

With love from the farmers I have collected Udayam & Moris varieties for my database. Trying to get  Kamalapura kembale, Nanjangudu Rasa Baale.

2nd Photo- Sundaram with his Banana bunch & Principle Scientist Uma of our premier institute for Banana research at tirchy.
All the best for Banana lovers.

Hi Swamy,

Like you I also love the Bananas. You can see similar love for bananas at

There you can see the Mysore Musa, a lot of love for it. By the way is it Yellaki ??. The leaf stem in pink in color.

For boodhbale and Rasa bale, i have got a sapling recently from my friend and is growing at by back yard. If it produces pups, I will share it with you.

Can you tell what is the raw banana species called. The big one we use for Bonda / Bhajji and also for palya. Its become Rs 10 per piece now at Bangalore. Any idea where to get sapling for this. Is the tissue culture for this available. ?

In, there are a lot of home made TC kits, Has anyone tried it ? Worth while to expt on DIY TC at home.



G9 is being cultivated to cater to urban market. we can see many local varieties rural markets and sandis to meet the needs of local consumers.


Our Tamil Nadu Farmers grow G9 only to send them to Bangalore and they grow our Boodu Baale (Karpuravally in tamil) along with other desi banana varieties for theirs consumption.[/quote]

True, Iam living in the heart of banana growing fields in Bhavani river ayacut where In villages you are not able to sell single fruit of this G9/robusta, Even if you give free, people hesitate to eat it. All bunches are sent to kerala or other places and cities