Modern Retail and its effect on Farmers

Country is witnessing expansion of organised retail outlets. Will it have any impact on the farming community? If yes, what is the benefit to the farmers? Will the present market agents will become stronger or will organised retail eliminate middlemen or farm produce agents?

Look forward to community comments and discussion.


I any one has got willpower than nothing can stop them, Pls check L lady farmer will come by driving her TATA Mobile to Lalbhag Hopcoms at 5.30 in the early morning with all of her produce like leafy vegetables along with other to supply them.

Even we got success by selling our papaya directly in our town like hot cake because we offered more than that of regular vendor. Our product was also very good at quality. After tasting first, all buyers came and purchased more than what they first purchased.

Good product, willingness to take risk to learn and earn, ready to adopt the situation. If any one have these abilities, then surely they can win & rule the market game and eliminate middlemen. Only producers are allowing middlemen.

Dear Swamy - Did you get a chance to visit the Hopcoms at Lalbagh? If so, what was your experience like of the farmer to wholesale market?

Hopcoms is Karnataka Farmers cooperative society where farmers needs to produce their Farmer certificate to get membership with share holding (Minimum 1 share is compulsory)in the society with bank account. membership is restricted only to Karnataka farmers,then farmer is eligible to supply agriculture produce only after getting indent for few tonnes, in my case they wanted weekly 3 tonnes papaya where I uses to produce 5 tonnes in week.

After getting indent, farmer need to harvest and transport agri produce with his own effort to hopcoms and it should reach within 6am. Sale procedure may conclude within 9.30 am. If rate is not satisfied, then farmer can say no.
After selling the produce 05kg produce is deducted towards waste in every 100kgs.
Sale amount may be equval or more of the open market.
Sale amount will be processed after 9.30.
If sale amount is exceeding 5000/- then that amount will be credited to farmer account, sale amount below 5k will be paid as cash.
I was not comfort with that system because my produce was more than that of their indent.
Self risk of transport and traveling, waiting up to encashment and going back all together one day time will go.
Problem is where to sell the remaining produce?

Instead of this mode I got purchaser at my farm and he took responsibility of harvesting on his own efforts for papaya.
My duty is to check whether they harvesting right product and ensure not to waste the produce and damage the plants.
Finally going to weigh bridge to get the total weightage of produce and calculate with sale amount to get cash.
Wastage of 05kg for 100kg is part and parcel of sale process.

I did other smart experiment of selling my produce on my own way of giving internship of business to our high school going children. One way it was hot sale of our produce and giving business lessens to our children.
We used to sell our papayas @ Rs.10/- like hot cakes against Rs.15 to 20 kg from retail sellers. Hence all buyers used to come to us and we used to sell our papayas within few hours. Our orchard is about 5 km from Taluk town.
If some one have their own vehicle, then no problem of distance for transport. But dedication is required.
Since we live in our Farm, hence we don’t have any problem for harvesting without labours.

Smar farmers are using many more ideas to sell their products on their own efforts. If you depend on other players, then you need to share profit with them. Wherefore always it is win win situation for a farmer to add value addition for certain products to their produce and sell on their own or at least have regular purchasers to sell your produce your products.

If Farmer wanted to limit himself in his farm land then allow others to sell your product and share profit with you.
Where are you going to fit? All rounder or a specific player?

Dear Swamy - Thanks for the honest feedback. I think we might skip Hopcoms for now, I wonder if anyone else has a different experience with Hopcoms. Ideally, we will look for retailers / processors who are willing to buy at a fair price. Consistent supply of Moringa can be assured by us.

Hi? It is true fact, don,t turn here and their to depend on other players including those you mentioned, start playing active role with own innovative ideas to sell your product & win the agriculture game. Without innovative ideas no one can survive either in the job,business or in the agriculture.