Modern Dairy Farm with 60 COWs


I am planning to start Modern Dairy Farm with 60 COWs in Berhampur, Odisha. Please
guide me with below details to increase my knowledge.

  1. GOVT. Subsidy if any.
  2. Project cost for 60 Cows.
    3)which type Hi tech machine available for dairy farming…like milking parlor machine, manure cleaning machine, feeding ,Milk cooling etc.
  3. Best cow available with 20 to 30 ltr milk / day from each cow.
  4. Land requirement for present 60 and feature around 250 cows (keeping in
    mind maximum feeds will grow from own farm land).
  5. Best breed which can give around 20 - 25 litres per day
  6. Market readability criterias.

Abhilash Parida
Berhampur Odisha

Read all posts in below thread. If still have questions you can ask again. … resources/

I am also planning to start a dairy farm with 50 cows in Jharsuguda, Odisha.
Kindly contact me