Mode of irrigation for coleus

I am planning to cultivate Coleus in TN.
Can somebody tell me what type of irrigation is suitable for this crop - drip, flood or sprinkler?

Sprinklers are good for this crop, since the leave when used sprinklers are grow better and ensure we do pruning of the branches since the more branches leads to more roots for this crop, we have hands on experience in this crop, the most important is the more dung you go into for this crop the better atleast i would suggest 3 tractor load per acres, you will get excellent roots, we did experiment in our fiels and in one field we almost dumped 4 loads of farmyard manure and the roots where like carrot “belive me” obviously the weeding is an issue so try using herbicides twice once when planting with first water and the other at 20 days, after that you should be fine, because you cannot control the weeds if lot of dung is used.

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Thanks for the info…
Is FYM to be put on the plain ground or on the beds? In other words, should I make the beds and then put fym?

FYI - I have already ploughed the land and starting to make beds. So, should fym application be done before making beds?

FYM should be added before ploughing and then to be ploughed well before making the bed.

What you can do now is get these big blue drums get a couple of them dump the dung half full and then add water leave for two days and then apply them by a mug or something on the bar if you have raise on bar or just at the bottom of the plant, keep doing this every week for atleast 2 months watch the yeild after that.


Thank you Sir,
Where shall we get the seed/Saplings of  Coleus in Hyderabad.Also
inform us the Economic value of the Coleus. How much Income
one can earn on cultivation of Coleus for one acre per Annum.