Mobile-Natural Farming Schoool

“Sanchari - Gramavastavya Farmer School”

  • Our Journey towards Farmer Home

“Sanchari Gramavastavya Farmer School”, a Program aimed at educating necessity and benefits of Chemical Free Natural Farming among farmers. The educating team stays at one village for 24 hours analyzing and suggesting solution to agriculture problems. The main objective is focused at educating Natural Farming, Chemical Free farming, Water Conserving Methods, Advanced Mechanized Farming, Harvesting, Post Harvesting and Marketing organizing Methods. The team is equipped with a Vehicle, Video Projector, Speakers, CCTV, GPS and Internet. The project will run for 365 days, 24 hours with one village each day.

Problems Identified:

Upon interacting with the farmers of different locations, following are identified as serious issues with farmers to be solved at the earliest.

  1. Lack of Knowledge on Natural Farming

  2. Inefficient Farming Techniques

  3. Monocropping instead of Multicropping

  4. Considering plant can grow onlyif chemical fertilizers are sprayed

  5. Trusting the myth that Natural Farming doesnt give more yield in comparision with chemical Farming

  6. Not understanding that, soil is air-tightened because of chemicals sprayed.

  7. Improper pollination due to absence of honey bees, flies, birds.

  8. Evacuation of Honey bees, birds and flies due to chemical spray.

  9. Decrease of Ground Water Table on account of improper water management.

  10. Absence of rain water harvesting methods.

  11. Not understanding that Borewell can pull up the water, onlyif water is filled in.

  12. Absence of Borewell Harvesting Techniques.

  13. Less income generation on comparision with Natural Farmers (Earning 1 Lakh / month / acre o Average)

  14. Improper harvesting and post harvesting techniques.

and still more…

“Sanchari Gramavastavya Farmer School” program details:

It is a farmer educating program enabled with following facilities. A team is made and it works for 1 year covering 300 Villages in Kunigal Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State.

  1. Educating Team has Natural Farming Experts comprising 2 Members

  2. Customized 4 Wheeled Open and/or Closed Vehicle enabled with Projector, Speaker, CCTV, GPS, and Internet etc.

The Natural Farmer Interview Videos, Multi-cropping Models and Farmland videos along with PPT in local language is presented on Projector. The exact location of this vehicle along with the next visit schedules are displayed on the website. Farmers can avail this data to make the best use of this program.

Projected Schedule:

  1. 8 AM to 10 AM: Assembling and Interacting with Farmers.

  2. 10 AM to 12 AM: Discussing the Farmer problems, Honoring Natural Farmers in that village

  3. 12 AM to 4 PM: Discussion on Natural Farming as a solution to all Farmer problems, Water Management and Multicropping Models.

  4. 4 PM to 6 PM: Farm Land visits and Suggestions.

  5. 6 PM to 8 AM: Stays at Village

This schedule repeats on every day of 365 days except Sunday at 300 Villages of Kunigal Taluk.

How is Farmer Benefitted by this Program:

Though Farmer cannot be fully benefitted by this program, he will be educated on the best practices in one day. If he needs more details, he can avail on visiting our training center (Free of Cost) at Bangalore and Kunigal. In a visit of one day, farmer is benfitted by knowing/understanding the

  1. Necessity of Chemical Free Farming

  2. Reason to air-tight the soil

  3. Reason for the reduction in soil fertility.

  4. Reason for less income for his harvest.

  5. Advantages of Multicropping against Monocropping

  6. How nature cycle has been damaged by Chemical Fertilizers.

  7. Natural Modes of pesticides and insecticides.

  8. Efficient water management and rain water harvesting.

  9. Sustainable Farming in 30 Acres with the use of just 1 Indian Desi Cow.

  10. Reasons for the failure of borewell and much more…


The Customized Vehicle + 2 Experts + Pico Projector + Speaker + CCTV + GPS + Web Maintenance + 300 Days Visit + 30,000 KMS coverage costs Rs. 10,00,000 per Year

Other Programs attached:

Social cause (Health, Education etc) and Farmer Friendly objective oriented volunteers or NGO or other organizations can join us in this program.


Every visits and Schedule of the visit is updates on the website

CCTV Footages, GPS location and the farmer feedbacks are updated day wise and village wise.

Organizer Details:

MHR Foundation of India, a NGO working with farmers since its start on Chemical Free Natural Farming has organized this program. So far the NGO has trained 2000+ farmers on chemical free natural farming pan Karnataka. IT has come up with various programs such as Village Staying, One day Farm Work etc., to bring farming interest in urban residents. More details about NGO’s events are available
Support Needed:

We need support from every individual, firm and Volunteer organizations to make this program successful in educating the farmers. You can support us by dedicating your time, knowledge or money.

When the Program does starts:

Program will start on the day, the projected financials is arranged.