Mizoram Sacha Inchi

I have initiated my business(Sacha Inchi pre and post-harvest operations, processing and
marketting) in 2017 and have been continueing till today. I would say, I am on the run way and
moving slowly towards my business destination. I have small quantity of products and have
been selling it at 34 outlets in Mizoram since 2018.
Marketing of agricultural products is a process which starts with a decision to produce a
saleable farm commodity and involves a chain of operations to deliver the products at the hand of
final consumers. The entire process involves technical and economic considerations in the fronts
of pre and post-harvest operations, assembling, grading, storage, transportation and distribu-
tion. That is what I do in my business now.
It is the problem of Mizo farmers that not knowing where to sell their productions. Mean-
while, I, let the farmers cultivate Sacha Inchi in the state since 2017 and buy it from the farmers.
Now, we have Sacha Inchi leave drying machine and sacha inchi roasting machine. We buy
Sacha Inchi leaves and seeds from farmers and process it. And then, sell it. This creates farmers
good income. Hopefully, this will change Mizoram economy in 5 years. Now, it is aware of famers
and many farmers are willing to grow Sacha Inchi. Sacha inchi has many health benefits. At
present, I have 34 outlets and 5 workers.
I, let the farmers grow Sacha Inchi in Mizoram as much as it is possible. Becase Sacha Inchi
market is already there in Mizoram. Later, I have a plan to export abroad. I have contacted Sacha
Inchi buyers from Myanmar, S. Korea, Taiwan and Japan.
Sacha inchi is an herbaceous perennial native to the Amazon rainforest, for the specific
requirements of Sacha Inchi cultivating meets Mizoram temperature, soil, rainfall and so on.
Around 60 per cent of the population of Mizoram state depended on agriculture, when there is
huge production of Sacha Inchi in the state Mizoram economy will surely grow up.
Before huge production is available, I (Zo Agri-business Solution) will process Sacha Inchi for
Local market as well as for India market.
Actually, it is an agri-business solutions. Mizoram famers are facing the problem of market-
ing their productions. Untill Sacha Inchi is not big production in quantity in Mizoram, Zo Agri-
Business Solution will process it. And when there is available of huge production, Zo Agri-Busi-
ness Solution will export it. This will increase farmers’ income and helps and Mizoram economy
grow up. The uniqueness of my idea is that, no company nor business promise to buy farmers
production with proper fixed rate in Mizoram.
First of all, I buy Sacha Inchi leaf from the farmers and process it as green tea. It is one of
medicinal leaf that has been processing by me since 2017. Sell it to customers in Mizoram and
online market. Secondly, I would buy Sacha Inchi seeds and roast it, pack it and sell it to the
customers. Since, I have been roasting Sacha Inchi seeds since 2017 and selling it till today.
My next projects are making Sacha Inchi powder form (Godrej company includes Sacha
Inchi powder in their nature’s basket) and extracting Sacha Inchi oil by using a hydrolic cool
press machine. The international demand of sacha inchi oil is constantly increasing, specially in
the United States ,Europe, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, because of its many ben-
efits that this new oil is proving for the human health.
Lastly, when Sacha Inchi is mass-scale production in Mizoram, I would export it. The global
Sacha Inchi market driving factors are increasing demand for natural ingredients of Sacha Inchi in
various cosmetics and personal care products is important driving factor. Sacha Inchi would create
an economic opportunity for thousands of people in Mizoram, where none previously existed.

One of my acquaintances is a share holder of Myanmar Sacha Inchi Company and told me
about Sacha Inchi. In 2016, he invited me to inquire about it, and I visited to Myanmar and
Thailand for the said purpose. I was with Myanmar and Thailand Sacha Inchi Companies for 6
months, and learned how to grow and all the steps of processing from them. And I started culti-
vating in Mizoram in 2016 and in 2017, I let the farmers started growing it and had conducting
planting training in Aizawl and at various villages.
Actually, I was trained on planting Sacha Inchi and now having three years experience of
its handling. Even now, I am conducting Sacha Inchi planting training for the farmers of Mizoram.
I would like to mention about Sacha Inchi more detail since this plant is new to India. Sacha
Inchi health benefits are many and demand is high in international market now. But it could not
be grown every where.
Sacha Inchi is an herbaceous perennial native to the Amazon rainforest, and it is a plant that
can adapt well to a wide range of temperatures, from 50°-97° F (10°- 36° C), though the optimal
average temperature is 79° F (26° C). It can also grow from 328 – 6,560 feet (100 – 2,000 m) above
sea level. Now, let’s compare with the climate of Mizoram, the state is humid-tropical, character-
ized by short winter, long summer with heavy rainfall. Mizoram has a mild climate, being rela-
tively cool in summer 20 to 29 °C (68 to 84 °F)but progressively warmer most probably due to
climate change with temperature crossing 30 degrees Celsius with winter temperatures ranging
from 7 to 22 °C (45 to 72 °F). The region is influenced by monsoons, raining heavily from May to
September with little rain in the dry (cold) season. It is situated on a ridge 1,132 metres (3715 ft)
above sea level.
Sacha Inchi tolerates a range of soil types, including acidic soil with a pH as low as 4.5 that
contains aluminum, akin to the typical soil of the Amazon Rainforest. The soils in the Mizoram
state are near neutral to strongly acidic (pH 4.5 – 7.3). It requires a good amount of natural light in
order to blossom, as well as a permanent irrigation system with good natural soil drainage.
One of the reasons for sacha inchi’s increase in popularity is that its taste is considered
appealing, almost universally. It reached international gourmet status in 2004, when its oil re-
ceived the Les Huiles du Monde (Oils of the World) award. This oil is growing is use as an
alternative to traditional cooking oils. The nut of the plant is also consumed widely, making a
healthy and tasty snack when toasted. Sacha inchi nuts, flour, and oil are all used as an ingredient
in many smoothies, chutneys, dressings, and range of other types of preparations. Its unique
flavor and nutritional value have led to its expansion throughout the world, especially as an
addition to vegetarian and vegan diets.


I am in South Gujarat zone.

Sorry for the late response.

But I am interested in Sacha inchi plantation. So, is that a possible I can get the some of the seeds/plant for plantation on trial basis. And if I can, where can I get? and what the price for it?

Also please provide address or contact details where I can see or visit near to me.

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I wanted to get training for growing Sacha inchi can you please help me to get training anywhere. With regards