Mixing panchakavya and fish amino acid

Can we mix Panchakavya and Fish Amino Acid (In Tamil Meen Amino Amilam) to gather and foliar spray on Banana trees?

Dear Sri Velushiv

we can spray Pancha Gavya and Amino acids by Foliar spray, but the filteration is a difficult process.

It is better and easy to apply your Pancha Gavya and Amino Acid, by drenching mannually. All ingredients will reach the plant only by mannual drenching. Fitering process of Pancha Gavya is very difficult and more over the remains has to be again applied to the plant mannually only.

we give Pancha Gavya and Amino Acid  by drenching mannually and getting good results. Amino acid also can be added in the panchagavya and applied to the plants mannually.

with best wishes,      g.p.rao,      farmer