Minimum land requirements for Polyfarming or greenhouse

Hello Everybody,

My questions seems to be basic but I can expect Help and find new farmer friends to discuss in this journey -:

1.  When the first thought came I thought of 2-3 acres will be fine. But after some initial research near my city(Chandigarh) farming land is not cheaper than 26-40 lakhs/acre. So now I can only afford 1 acre or less. Is 1 acre is enough to start atleast as pilot project ?

  1. I have researched on this forum and cost of setting up polyfarming house in 1 acre is around 26-40 Lakhs. 65% Govt subsidy and 35 % will be mine.

Can I get more subsidy or can I apply for 1/2 acre project and can get subsidy for that ?

  1. I expect that real farmers who are experienced share their average income per acre(May be I am asking too much now :slight_smile: ?)

Thanks for your help.

  1. To start .25 acres is also fine.
  2. Minimum .25 acres is subsidy. This changes from state to state. Please contact nearest horticulture dept to know the scheme.

Bhayya  as our Brother sri2012 Said ,0.25 is enough for getting Subsidy as well as
to suit your Budget too. You can expand your farm on getting Experience out of it.
Go ahed with 1/4 Acre Land.On its success you share your Experience with our
Farmnest Members.


Thanks a lot Shri for your wisdom words.

Can you help me out how much earning one person can expect in polyfarming from 1 Acre. Need just an idea, I understand that it pretty much depends on lot of factors. 

I want to request other farmer friends also to share their experience on Income per Acre and investment/cost they have put in.

I am curious about income because if I see as investment, I need to to following investments -:

  1. 25 Lkh for 1 acre
  2. Ployhouse set up for 1 acre(35% contibution) 12 Lakh
  3. Labour expenses + others(fertilizers + temp. maintenance) 1.5 Lakh min

Total Cost 38.5 Lakh and if I choose more distant(cheaper) land  it can goes to 31.5 Lakhs.
How much one can expect to earn from positive conditions.

Subsidy in my state is 50%. i.e. for 10 gunta(,25acres) 9 lacs. Govt subsidy is 4.5 l. I am not sure Govt pay in advance or you have to pay first and get sanctioned later. Please discuss with your horticulture officer.

Add bore well +5-7 Hp motor cost. Generator or Biogas plant Cost. Running Capial for first 6 months.

I dont have experience of a poly house. But I have read people saying the break even is in about 1.5-2 years.

My sincer suggestion is dont jump into investments suddenly.
Phase1 Try grwing Capsicum or flowers with shade nets understand the behaviour of plants for one season. You can lear lot lessons in this period.
Phase2.You can plan poly house .