Minimum area land to buy for farmer status?


I am a “non-farmer” in Mumbai. I want to get farmer status to buy farm land in mumbai for practising agriculture. I was advised to buy farm land in other states to get “farmer status”.

[color=red]WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS…Is there any MINIMUM area of land i need to purchase to get farmer status? can anyone advise me on this please?[/color]

i hope you understand my question. i am looking to buy land outside maharashtra ONLY for farmer status. so i dont want to spend too much money for this purpose. so how much minimum area i have to buy to get this farmer status? my mobile number and email are given below.

Jestin George

Dear Justin George,
      This does not answer your main question. But do verify if there is any restriction regarding non- agricultural income, even for some one owning agricultural land. In Karnataka even if you own hundreds of acres of farmland and you have lakhs of rupees as agricultural income,if your non - agricultural income is Rs 2 lakhs or above you are not regarded as an agriculturist,and hence cannot buy any more land.
      How did Amitabh Bachan get into trouble even though he owned agricultural land in U P.
Best of luck,
      Ouseph Karuveli.

Hi George,

Getting the farmer status is a cake walk, but getting the land for buying is an Herculean task,

You can approach few of the brokers in Tamil Nadu where buying agriculture land is like buying a tricycle for your kid.

Ask these brokers to buy an acre in your name with buyback scheme. Say you buy one acre for X amount from the owner, wait for the stipulated time for the records to get changed. Once you have the status & records in your name,( ie RTC / Phani / Adangal / Patta etcc etc)  get a copy of the same and buy land anywhere in India except J&K. Once your job is done and you get the records in your name at your place simply sell the land at TN to the original owner for an X-y amount.  ;D  :smiley:

Usually the fees charged is around 10 to 15K. This includes the bribe to the VA, broker charges etc. You can also get the income certificate from the Thasildhar office on this one acre. This solves all the problems. including your income status. ;D  ;D

But who in a sane mind did this stupid law putting restrictions on buying Agri lands. "Sadists  :'(  :'("



In Maharashtra According to revenue act you need to buy min. 11 Guntha  land to be a legal farmer.