Mini tractor for ploughing?

Has anyone used a mini tractor less than 18 hp for ploughing the field?
I see dedicated small tractor companies vouching mini tractors do the job as well as the larger tractors, though slower and with smaller ploughs. Companies with a full range of tractors seem to position the small ones as intercultivation tractors so as not to eat into their larger tractor sales.

Please share your experience with a mini tractor especially for ploughing operation.

P.S.: I have read savera farms’ experience a few times, but they don’t seem to have used a plough.

I am surprised no one has a view/experience here!  :stuck_out_tongue:

Mahindra Yuvaraj with 15 hp is suitable for small holding agriculture activities similar to big tractors. Mahindra has got wide range of after sale service in HYD too. Even other companies also have small tractors, but need to ensure service after sales to purchase. Yuvaraj can run self driven mode too, see the photo of yuvraja … cts/Yuvraj

The cost of tractors may be around 2 lakhs & more, cost may go high for additional attachments.

Thanks Swamy. I have looked at almost all the small tractors in the market now and drove some - every small tractor manufacturer confirms the small tractor can drive a smaller version of mould board plough, which is what I really want to confirm.

I would certainly need a plough every now and then - e.g., after harvesting of a maize crop.

Thank you Bhayya for your Posting,
Can you tell us the Price of this Mahindra Yuvaraj with 15 hp Tractor.
Shall we get any Subsidy for the same in Andhrapradesh.

please look into this also…

What we knew is that there are only a few brands of mini-tractors which are eligible for subsidy in AP like Mistibitushi. There is 50% subsidy but need a group of farmers to apply (atleast 5) together and should go through the normal nuianses for subsidy with the govt. guys.


Kindly inform us the cost of the Tractor and shall we get subsidy in AP

I also don’t  know about the Price and other details.You can contact them here…

Click below link to know more about this mini tractor… … -Ejs1z6UK0

Here is my Kubota B2420 minitractor!
More details on the purchase on a separate post.

Dear Chandraji

thanks and awaiting for more details. also awaiting current status of your farm and its developments.


Looks good. Happy ploughing.



congrats and it is really looking cool!!!

i have a power tiller -greaves d-15 and being using for small plough etc…now i need even accesssories to use it to maximum advantage.

request if u can guide me to person in hyd/ gulbarga/yadgir/shapur(karnataka) who can supply these fixtures.

thanking you


Hi Rajesh,

Let me know what you are looking for and I can ask a manufacturer of implements here. I picked up a 5 tine cultivator from him and he can build most implements as per the need/design.


thanks for all help

below are what we are looking for

  1. PUMP - to draw water from well
    02.Ridger - to level flield after cultivation for vegetable etc…
  2. Generator - to supply power for the barn
  3. Sprayer - to sprinkle .

thanking you


Ok, I will ask.
You could also ask the Captain Tractors/Eicher dealer in your area as they seem to have the whole range of machinery/implements for their mini tractors.

Captain tractors is one of the leading mini tractor and implements mfg. in india.They have wide range of product in MINI TRACTOR Only,One things i like in captain tractors ,is lowest fuel consumption per hour and attractive price.another things i noticed is its a fully INDIGENOUS PRODUCT,so we can SAY its a MADE IN INDIA.

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Mahindra Yuvraj 215, 15 HP, Water Cooled mini tractor is a versatile tractor suited for individual or society having agri farming.ait can be used with 5 tyne, cultivator, rotavator, pplough, thresher, reaper also can be used for lighting upto 7.5 kva, bandsaw, rice mill, water pumping etc.

Feel free to create a review thread under reviews section if you have experience with the tractor models.

We seem to be getting into an advertising mode here.

Hi Chandra,

Congrats on a Kubota 2420, That is a very good choice.
I have been using for the past 1.5 years. I have tried to attach Their tiller / rotovator attachment, it is very good.
I have also attached Pump , Alternator, paddy thresher to the same tractor.