This is karthi from Chennai. Most of the Tamil Nadu Farmers facing water problem due to rain fall. Now people are realizing to move millets hence forth.

I hope lot of them doing millet across the India.  Please clarify the following points

  1. Which are the best and suitable millet for rain fed and irrigation system
  2. Some of our farmers cultivated only Saamai  (Little), Ragi (Finger) millets ( July-Aug). will it possible to cultivate millet  in Irrigation model? if it so, which one is best in terms of yield, irrigation and time line?
  3. How about Natural fertilizers (Kadu Chaitanya )? I believe some of them used in Mysore area (Dr. Khadar)
    4)  Processing / Cleaning machine is difficult find in our place. also, please let me know cost for husk removing and cleaning machine .

D. Karthi