Milking machine for 25 cows - need advice


Need advice of milking machine for 25 cows. If any dealers/service available in Hyderabab would be great


See below thread, it may help you … equipment/

Thanks Sri. I was looking for some help on dealers in hyd, who have good sales/service.


Hi, can you get information of weekly cattle market around your area to get good cattle?

Thanks Swamy. There is a weekly cattle market about 150 kms from my place. Are you saying that miking machine dealers would be there?


Dear Mr.Shiv,

For 25 cows/buffaloes, you need a fixed type milking machine with 2 milking cans,of say 30 litre capacity SS make.

The specification will be:-

Fixed milking machine with one or two buckets unit

Vacuum Source
180 lt/min capacity dry-type vacuum pump fixed on the electric motor

1425rpm, 0.55kW, 220V 50Hz electric motor

Plastic milk claw, stainless steel teatcup shells

One 30 lt stainless steel bucket with stainless steel lid

BRK  60/40 alternate pneumatic pulsator

Vacuum tank
18 dm3 capacity, galvanized

galvanized steel


Weight(kg) : 25
Width(mm) : 420
Length(mm) : 430
Height(mm) : 750

BUCKETS-2 nos.

Weight(kg) : 10
Width(mm) : 360
Length(mm) : 360
Height(mm) : 64

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dear shiv,
there is fortune agrotech dealing with GEA FARM TECHNOLOGIES milking machine. the ph no,s are9666660048,9573163647.and the other one i know is gupta and sons located at abids(gpo) which deals with DELAVAL milking machines. i will have to search for the phone nos of this one. will get back to you as soon as i find them. all the best…  prathap.

Thanks Buffalo & Murali

Appreciate the info. I found that there is a dealer about 20 kms from my farm, who installs and services the fixed type of machine. Have decided to go with him.


Hi Anushafarms,

Can you share the dealer information with the farmnest users, it will be useful.


Sure. Name is Chandu and his number is 9966369072