Milk Yield Assumption


I request all the veterans and the experts to check the below milk yield assumption and provide their valuable inputs.


  1. I wish to maintain 150 Liters/Day Yield once I reach it in about 2 months.
  2. Freshly Calved HF X Gir Cows with daily Yield of 20 Liters or more will be purchased.
  3. Additional cows will be purchased as and when the need arises.


  1. I am assuming that the cows with peak yield of about 20-22 Liters will give year round average of about 12 Liters/Day. Is this right?
  2. It the Milk Yield Curve similar to what I’ve mentioned in the below image? Does the milk yield rise and reduce in the manner that I’ve mentioned in below image?

it is usually 1/200 of peak milk yield

so if your hf cow is producing 30 ltrs of milk (during its peak), all other factors remaining stable (health, diet etc) it will produce around 6000 ltrs of milk during a single lactation

see the image attached for yield curve

Ok so you are saying that if my cows give about 20 Liters/day (peak milk), they’ll produce about 4000 liters of milk in a lactation. Well that’s not bad.

While the image is very interesting I didn’t figure out why does the milk yield start reducing from about 10th week? Is it because the cow is made pregnant?

Also I noticed that by 11th month after delivering calf (8.5 months from start of pregnancy), the milk yield reduces to about 45% of the peak yield. Can this be generalized?

Is the image taken from some ebook or a website? Could you please give details of the source of the information.

Once again thank you for the graph.

that is the general rule/ assumption (though i am not an expert, this is what I have read). most of the figures and calculations available online and from various sources are for pure breed animals, this would be a good starting point to reference and work out your own equations / assumptions

basically what remains true for all ruminants regarding the milk yield is the period i.e. early lactation, mid & late …late would give you the least yield per day. reduction in yield is a natural biological thing…any mammal will not maintain consistent milk production throught their lactation cycle …it will peak at delivery, early stage and then taper of irrespective of second pregnancy

see the website below … 69.html#tc

Thanks again. Actually I have been to this website and have already added it to my favorites list but couldn’t find time to read it fully.