Milk distribution in hyderabad

Hello everyone we are having a diary farming and we are able to supply 1k of pure buffalo milk.we are located 150 kms away from Hyderabad & planning to start a milk distribution in  hyd(hitech city& madhapur).Is it a good decision and Can anyone suggest me any better idea.tqqqqq

If your can supply pure milk (unprocessed milk) then definitely it will have demand.
sidsfarm (search in google ) is also doing the same. You can also consider manikonda, kukatpally these also high density population areas.


Dear Laxmanreddy,
It is very nice to know that you have such a big farm producing 1000 liters of milk. as you know your location is 150 km far from the city of Hyderabad even hi-tech. being a dairy farmer may you know that the milk will start damaging after three hours, and your travelling time is almost 2 1/2 hours. from my point of view it is not advice able to distribute in Hyderabad city. My Suggestion is instead of distributing in Hyderabad you can produce milk product such as MAVA, BUTTER, CREAM, CURD & PURE GHEE that is also having good demand in the city. For this purpose you have to contact with milking parlors. wish you all the best.

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