Melia Dubia: White powdery layer on bark

Hi All,

Please see the picture, of late I see white powdery layer coming on the Barks on Melia Dubia, can you advise me. Number of trees getting infected is increasing day by day.


It could be powdery mildew.
Chemical solution: Spray Mancozeb/carbendizium
Organic: Spray Bordaux mix or spray sour butter milk kept in copper vessel for a week and mixed with desi cow urine in equal portion mix with 1:10 with water.
Bio control: Spray Trichoderma

Spray bordo on unaffected trees immediatley. make sure that Calicum in bordo be twice as that of CuSO4. This will obsorb excess moisture on the trunk and creates unfavorable condition for fungus.

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Hi Sri,

It is now controlled, used Sten (Bavasten), which was avaialble in Mana Gromor.